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  • Working in Mongolia as an expat

    Working in Mongolia as an expat

    Working in Mongolia as an expat can be a unique and rewarding experience. It offers many benefits such as the opportunity to experience a different culture first-hand, gain international work experience, and access to higher salaries than what is generally available locally. However, certain challenges come with working in Mongolia that should be taken into…

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  • Getting an employment visa: Work Permit in Mongolia

    Getting an employment visa: Work Permit in Mongolia

    Mongolia has become a desirable site for many multinational enterprises looking to expand into the global market due to its steady economic growth. If your firm is one of those, finding a dependable team of employees willing to make the transition alongside you is one of your top objectives. You may also decide to expand…

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  • Mongolia: universities for ex-pats

    Mongolia: universities for ex-pats

    Best Universities to Apply for in Mongolia as an Expat. Throughout the communist administration’s reign in the Country in the 1920s, higher education establishments arose. The system began to evolve progressively once democracy was founded in the country in the late twentieth century, and there have been numerous attempts to modify it since then.

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  • Mongolia: travel tips

    Mongolia: travel tips

    Mongolia – travel attractions. Mongolia allows tourists to experience cultural and natural resources. Ancient history, unique landscape, and traditions will make even a short trip memorable. The country offers its guests several leisure options: ecological, active, and cultural.

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  • Mongolia: employment visa guide

    Mongolia: employment visa guide

    Work permit in Mongolia. Steady profitable growth has made Mongolia a desirable environment for numerous foreign businesses as they expand into the global market. Still, foreign workers will need work visas before they can live and work in Mongolia.

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  • Mongolia: relocation

    Mongolia: relocation

    Immigration to Mongolia. Mongolia is a sovereign, land-locked country in Asia. Bordered by former superpower Russia to its north and by the current economic superpower China to the south. The country claimed its independence in 1911, after the fall of the Qing dynasty.

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  • Reasons to visit Mongolia

    Reasons to visit Mongolia

    Tourism in Mongolia. Mongolia is a great and adventurous travel destination for many people. Travelers who choose this country as their travel destination can experience the true nomadic culture as well as vast and untouched landscapes.

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