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Madagascar: options of becoming a citizen


The combination of natural beauty and high living conditions has made this country more desirable to those seeking citizenship. Continue reading if you’re interested in learning more about what makes this country so intriguing and how you can apply for citizenship there.

Madagascar nationality law

The Establishment clause of Madagascar controls Malagasy citizenship legislation, as revised, the Malagasy Citizenship Rules and its modifications, and multiple global contracts to which the country is a contracting party. These regulations define who is a Madagascar citizen or qualified to become one.

Malagasy citizenship is usually acquired through the principles of “birth in Madagascar” or “birth to Malagasy parents.” It can be awarded to people who have a connection to the state or to permanent residents who have resided in the country for a specific timeframe.

Getting citizenship in Madagascar

Madagascar nationality is naturally conferred on children born in Madagascar or outside of Madagascar to local parents. Also, children who were born in the land but were disowned by their parents are granted nationality. Other people who were not born in the country but desired to earn citizenship can do so through the options listed below.

By naturalization

Naturalization can be awarded to anyone who has lived in the country long enough to demonstrate that they are familiar with the Malagasy tongue, as well as the society’s cultural norms. To gain citizenship using this way, you must ensure that you follow all of the authorities’ requirements. Also, if you need more information, contact a legal expert that specializes in this area.

By marriage

By proclamation, a foreign woman can become a resident of Madagascar if she marries a Malagasy man. Following their marriage, the woman must inform a government official of her wish to become a Malagasy national. Citizenship is conferred on a two-year trial period following this proclamation.

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Requirements and Eligibility

Candidates must have moral personality and behavior, have no felony histories with penalties of more than one year, be in excellent psychological and physiological condition, and be monetarily self-sufficient, according to the primary criteria.

Individuals must have lived in the nation for at least five years before applying. Other people who may be naturalized, in addition to foreigners who fit the qualifications, are:

  • People who have given outstanding contributions to the country without fulfilling any other criteria,
  • Minor children of a naturalized Malagasy are naturalized at the same time as their parents,
  • If a Malagasy husband’s spouse becomes homeless, she is immediately accorded his citizenship; if she requests it, it may be given at the judgment of officials without a residence permit.
  • After a legal adoption, adopted children have the option of obtaining Malagasy citizenship.

Losing citizenship

You can apply to the Malagasy embassy if you want to give up your nationality in the country. On the other hand, if the individual acquires a different ethnicity, marries a foreign person and lives abroad permanently, or is convicted of a crime, he will lose his citizenship.

Why Madagascar?

Madagascar, the planet’s fourth island, is a colossal paradise of natural wonders and adventures. It’s a land with a wide range of scenery, weather, and tribal cultures.

Not only that, but Madagascar is a Francophone island with abundant mineral riches, including sulfur and gold. While Madagascar’s geopolitical unrest has hampered commercial and financial development, the country’s fabric and eco-tourism sectors are flourishing. This means that if you are fortunate enough to be approved as a citizen of Madagascar, you will benefit from both the most remarkable natural and economic settings.

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