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Albania: relocation guide

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Life in Albania has both its pros and cons, which should be learned before making a move decision. To obtain legal status in Albania you have few ways.

Marriage with a citizen of Albania

Marriage with a citizen of Albania is one of the fastest ways to obtain citizenship. At the time of application, the spouses must be married for at least three years, with a minimum of one year the applicant must live in Albania legally. The remaining marriage immigration conditions meet standard naturalization requirements, as detailed below.

Family reunification

Reunification with the family is one of the most difficult options for immigration to Albania. The Border and Migration Authority has been considering this type of application for a long time and scrupulously. However, the main condition is to prove the relation of Albanian citizens with foreign applicants. The simplest options for reunification:

  • reunification with the spouse/spouse of Albanian nationality;
  • reunification with parents if both parents are Albanian citizens.

Opening your own business

Under Albanian law, foreign nationals have the right to open their enterprises in Albania without any restrictions. The main condition is to place the company on tax service within five days of the application for registration of the business in the Albanian Commercial Register.

Once the firm is registered, the founder shall be issued as a fiscal code of the enterprise and VAT taxpayer. To obtain a business permit, the alien must present the company’s documents as evidence of the existence of long-term residence in Albania.

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Residence permit

Albania’s residence permit can be obtained based on enrolment in the country’s higher education institution. The necessary documents are the confirmation of enrolment, health insurance, and sufficient cash to live in the country for the period of study. The most popular among foreign students in the Albanian university is the University of Tirana.

Besides, foreigners wishing to obtain English education in Albania may be enrolled in the Canadian Institute of Technology or the University of New York in Tirana. Both universities offer education following high international standards and train highly qualified innovative programs.

Temporary residence permit

The residence permit in Albania is issued to foreigners if evidence is provided of reasons for long-term residence. The first time the GNW is issued for three months to two years. The duration of the residence permit for each application is determined by migration workers individually.

To obtain a residence permit in Albania, the following conditions are necessary:

  • Entry into Albania on long-term visa D;
  • Have serious reasons for long-term residence (business, work, studies, or family);
  • Open a personal account in one of the Albanian banks and place an amount sufficient to Live in the country for the stated period, or to have a stable income from the home or any other country with documented evidence;
  • Have no criminal record or criminal record in either the home State or the Republic of Albania;
  • Providing evidence of housing security – a space can be bought or rented for. The purchase is not considered a basis for a residence permit per se;
  • Pay the state duties.

The formation of the Temporary residence permit in Albania in the purchase of real property is considered by the migration service in each case individually. The Albanian authorities mainly welcome such investments and meet foreign buyers. However, to avoid risking, apart from the presence of real estate, it is desirable to have a stronger basis for long-term residence in the country.

Procedure for processing

The documents are submitted to the police station. The Document’s review lasts 30 days from the date of registration of data in the regional Border and Migration Service of Albania. During the period of the foreigner’s passport in the migration office, he has been issued a special document confirming the status of waiting for a residence permit. This permit is in force until the time the GNW is received.


Sometimes you visit a country to rest, and it turns out that this is where you want to live the rest of your life. One of these countries is Albania. Stay to live or left-is already your personal choice. 

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