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Israel: medical education

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First of all, it should be said that doctors here are highly respected among ordinary people. The opportunity to enroll in medical specialties is considered something unattainable. Only aircraft pilots are considered to be more valuable personnel. At first, the doctor receives a relatively small salary. At the same time, the work is very difficult. But on the other hand, great career and professional growth are possible in this area. The demand for doctors in Israel is incredibly high. Every year Israeli medicine requires about 800 new doctors and only 450 graduates. Therefore, not a single young graduate will be left without work. But how do become a doctor in this country?

Israel Universities

There are only 7 universities in the whole country, in 5 of which you can unlearn a doctor. Whether you want to do physical therapy or just become a nurse, there are many different colleges and courses at your disposal. But to obtain a doctorate specialty, you need to unlearn at one of these universities:

  • Technion;
  • Ben-Gurion University;
  • Branch of Bar-Ilan University;
  • Tel Aviv University;
  • Hebrew University.

How to become a doctor in Israel?

There are four ways to get a position as a doctor:

  1. It is necessary to complete six years of training and a year of internship in Israel.
  2. Get medical education in one of the universities in Europe from the established list. After that, you need to return to the country and pass exams to confirm the credibility of the diploma. You also need to complete a one-year internship.
  3. A relatively new method – you can take an abbreviated four-year study if you have already completed an academic degree in some areas (for example, chemistry or biology).
  4. You can also unlearn half of the term (3 courses) abroad and finish the rest in Israel. After that, again, a year of internship, and you can work.

Requirements for admission to medical faculties

There are two training programs for a doctor in Israel:

  • 6-year training program;
  • 4-year program.

Admission to a 6-year study program

Admission to a 6-year study program includes two rounds:

  1. Passing a psychometric test and an Israeli matriculation certificate. Many people cannot pass this round due to the extremely high requirements for passing this test. Some of them have been trying to pass the exam for several years in order to still get into the second round.
  2. If the first part of the conditions was met, an applicant goes to the second round. At this stage, you need to pass a special entrance exam.

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Admission to a 4-year study program

For admission to the 4-year program an applicant will need:

  • Have at least a first degree (bachelor’s degree) with a GPA of at least 80.
  • Have credits in this first degree in 7 courses in biology and receive a certain grade for each of them (those who did not take these courses will have to take them separately). On average, 300 applications per year are submitted in this way in Israel.
  • Pass the GRE. It is a large exam in biochemistry, genetics, and cell biology in English, in the form of a test (180 questions in 170 minutes) with examples of experiments and pictures. Those who pass the first test are invited to the next two exams on the same day, one after the other.
  • Mini psychometric test. The test lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Biography questions. 12 questions in 45 minutes. Questions such as: Describe a situation in which you disagreed with the majority opinion. Have you ever led a group of people? How do you prefer to work: as part of a group or as its leader? Have you participated in volunteer activities? Have you had a chance to look after a sick person? Tell us about how you hurt someone etc.
  • The final step is passing a special entrance exam.


On average, only 65 applicants are allowed per year for four-year studies. There is a lot of competition in this area, so you have to prepare very thoroughly.

Tuition fees in Israel

Education in Israel is extremely expensive, but still, there is an opportunity to find part-time jobs, and an opportunity to receive a scholarship. The first half of the training (2 or 3 years, depending on the program) will cost about $ 2700. The second part is somewhat more expensive. It is about $ 3700.

How is the study of medicine in Israel going

There is no division of faculties into medical and pediatric in the medical system of studying in Israel. All future Israeli doctors undergo general training to become general practitioners. Later, each student chooses a specialization for himself. The entire training program is divided into three large stages.

First three years

Students spend almost all of their time at the university, rarely getting practical skills in hospitals. During this time, future doctors receive all the necessary theoretical knowledge.

Remaining three years 

During this time, students begin their internship in Israeli hospitals and clinics. They help specialists to collect anamnesis, collect blood for analysis, give injections, etc.

Final stage

It is time for state exams. There are six of them in total, and each of them affects a specific area in medicine. Everyone prepares thoroughly for passing these exams since they greatly affect the future life of all specialists. Upon successful completion of this stage, the internship can begin.


The internship lasts for one year in a hospital in Israel. At the same time, the graduate does not choose the institution himself, a draw takes place. The internship is divided into cycles of therapy, surgery, pediatrics, emergency room, and two additional departments of your choice. After completing the internship, the person receives a Master’s Degree in Medicine (M.D.) and becomes a qualified doctor.

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