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Italy: cost of life in Roma

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Some of them fall in love with the country so much that they want to move to Italy, in particular to Rome. Is it expensive or cheap to live in this city? Let’s try to count.

Housing expenses

The cost of rental housing in Italy depends on the size and popularity of the settlement, the industrial development of the region, and the wealth of its inhabitants. But in any case, finding an inexpensive property in Rome is very difficult. In Rome, as of February 2021, the average rent cost is:

  • Apartment, 1 bedroom, in the city center – 939.01 euros;
  • Apartment, 1 bedroom, outside the city center – 640.42 euros;
  • Apartment, 3 bedrooms, in the city center – 1986.62 euros;
  • Apartment, 3 bedrooms, outside the city center 1206.73 euros.


Considering that the average specialist in Italy receives € 1,462 a month after paying income tax, the rental rates do not seem democratic. Besides, the country is among the leaders in Europe in terms of the number of taxes. Foreigners who have moved to this country for permanent residence note that up to 60% of families’ income goes precisely to pay all kinds of bills, taxes, and rental housing.

Payment of utility services

Residents of apartment buildings will have to pay for utilities, such as the lighting in common areas, maintenance of the area around the house, maintenance and repair of elevators, etc. The number of payments will depend on the area of ​​the occupied apartment and, on average, will be 1000 € per year.

Garbage collection and sewage maintenance are paid separately. The cost of these services depends not only on the area of ​​the apartment but also on the number of people living in it. On average, this is 120 € per year.

The next item of utility costs is gas payments. Gas is used not only for the gas stove but also for heating and hot water supply. In houses and apartments, as a rule, gas meters are installed, and only actually used gas is paid. On average, the needs of an apartment of 70 m2 will require gas in the amount of 800 € per year. There are several gas companies operating in Italy, and the cost of their services can vary greatly. It should be borne in mind when choosing a gas company.

Electricity will also have to be billed based on consumption. For a family of three, this cost item will be around 400 € per year. The meter also pays for water consumption. The cost of 1 m3 is different in different regions of Italy. If we talk about the average data, it will take about 180 € per year to pay for water.

Payment for the services of telephone operators, internet providers, cable TV

Paying for a landline phone and internet connection will cost approximately 360 € per year. A family of three will spend at least 700 € per year on mobile services.


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Food costs

It is a cost item that can vary greatly depending on the habits and preferences of each family. But you can get a rough idea of ​​food costs if you look at the average prices for a standard food list:

  • Water, 0.33-liter bottle – € 1.13;
  • Milk, regular, 1 liter – € 1.43;
  • A loaf of fresh white bread, 0.5 kg – € 1.84;
  • White rice, 1 kg – € 2.35;
  • Eggs, pack of 12 pieces – € 3.63;
  • Local cheese, 1 kg – € 12.92;
  • Chicken fillet, 1 kg – € 8.62;
  • Beef tenderloin, red meat, 1 kg – € 15.02;
  • Apples, 1 kg – € 1.91;
  • Banana, 1 kg – € 1.69;
  • Oranges, 1 kg – € 2.07;
  • Tomato, 1 kg – € 2.15;
  • Potatoes, 1 kg – € 1.39;
  • Onions, 1 kg – € 1.46.

Household goods costs

The average cost of household goods in Rome in 2021:

  • Toothpaste – € 1.8;
  • Shampoo – € 2.5;
  • Toilet soap – € 1;
  • Washing powder (2.5 kg) – € 4.5.

Transportation costs

In 2021, in Rome, the average diesel price per liter is € 1.51. In the capital, there is a single ticket for all types of transport. A single trip costs 1.5 euros, the duration of the trip is 75 minutes, a travel card for 1 day – 7 euros, for 3 days – 16.5 euros, for a week – 24 euros. One taxi ride will cost approximately € 13.6.

Child’s education costs

Inhabitants of Italy receive school education free of charge. But school lunches, a school bus, textbooks, office supplies, and excursions will have to be paid for independently. You will need to spend about 600 € per year on these needs.


Medical expenses

To the delight of the people of Italy, healthcare in this country is considered one of the best in the world. In many cases, the state pays for medical procedures and medicines. But the patient partially pays for diagnostic procedures and analyzes himself. Dental services in Italy are generally paid.


Having listed the main items of expenditure, you can calculate what level of annual income will allow you to exist in this country. Adding all these sums together, we get the very approximate annual cost of living in Italy for the average Italian family of three in 2021. It is 30 thousand euros.

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