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Belize: working as a foreigner

Flag of Belize

Is it, nevertheless, a realistic option for professional ex-pats? We’ll examine the employment environment in Belize, the most prominent professions, what’s in great need, and what kind of pay you can receive in this post.


The most common professions for ex-pats


Non-Profit NGOs

In Belize, there are a variety of organizations working to improve the country into a safer environment to reside, and many of these could appreciate some additional aid in some form. Several firms may recognize your résumé and work with you to discover a method to integrate you into their team if you are a suitable match. There is only one method to uncover the truth.

Newcomers here can effectively acquire Charity positions in various sectors, such as environmentalism, social and strategy development, media, and telecommunications. Try to look for charities with Belize job openings and contact them to learn when you can begin training.


Health Care Professionals

Working as a health care professional in Belize is one of the better-paying careers available to expatriates, and work visas are often quicker to acquire than in other countries, where there can be a lot of hinders. Specialized healthcare or general health practitioners may land a job in Belize, such as those who have expertise in contagious ailments.


Teaching English

Teaching English in Belize is perhaps the best profession for English speakers. As English becomes prevalent globally, growing countries like Belize wish to express themselves in the international marketplace with their students to understand English. If you are proficient in English and have teaching skills, you can apply for a teaching job in any popular school in Belize. However, even if you are a native English speaker, you still require a teaching certificate before applying.  


Environmental Protection

Belize is incredibly beautiful! Living here allows you to witness the natural beauties of the world directly. Working in the ecological industry is one of the most rewarding careers.

The country features numerous activities and the largest coastline in the Western world along its 240 miles of beautiful shoreline. Thousands of different fish kinds are certain to be found. There are also manatees in this country. You can get the job of assisting the fish species and animal life in these areas.


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Salaries in Belize

Belize’s basic income is BZ$3.30 per hour (about 1.65 US dollars), which works out to about BZ$321 per month. Although, the median earnings are greater than the minimal salary, at roughly BZ$1,611.72 per month (around $800). New immigrants typically make more money than the local Belizeans.


Finding a job as an ex-pat

With the world full of technology and innovation, you can easily find a job with just one click. Here is a list of a few search engines or websites that might assist you in finding a suitable job for yourself.


  • CareerJet

Careerjet is a renowned internet recruitment platform with a global reach, gathering over 40 million employment adverts from over 70 thousand high-quality domains globally. You can easily search for a job in Belize on Career Jet.


  • Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an online evaluation service for present and past workers in the country. On Glassdoor, individuals may secretly post and check wages and also seek for and register for professions.


  • Go abroad

GoAbroad is the world’s largest site for international job finding. Thousands of possibilities overseas are published regularly in their listings, covering education overseas, jobs, volunteering, training, linguistic schools, and much more. You can search for the job options in Belize and apply there easily. 

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