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Immigration to Slovenia from Pakistan

To enter and stay in Slovenia, Pakistani citizens need to apply for a visa or residence permit at the Slovenian embassy in Pakistan. The Slovenian government provides various visa options for travel, business, personal visits, employment, study, family reunions, and other types of stays.

Kind of visas for Slovenia

The types of visas Slovenia offers are as follows:


A short-stay pass (C type) is a permit to enter and remain temporarily for up to 90 days granted to a citizen of a third nation. In cases where two countries have a representation agreement, another Schengen country can issue this type of pass on behalf of Slovenia. In exceptional circumstances, a C-type visa may be extended if the visa holder cannot return to their home country.

Long stay

As for long-stay visas (D-type), they allow entry and residence for a duration of up to one year. It enables the holder to make a direct application for a residency permit to the relevant administrative body. A visa type D cannot be extended. To visit the Republic of Slovenia, nationals of third countries who meet one of the criteria in Article 20 of the Foreigners Act are eligible for this kind of visa.

Obtaining a visa

At the Pakistani consulate post, a request must be presented in person. When applying in person, consular staff can perform an initial assessment, questioning the applicant about the visit’s purpose and the documents submitted. When applying, candidates must provide all 10 fingerprints online. The necessary paperwork to apply for a visa is readily accessible at all of the Republic of Slovenia’s diplomatic and consular missions.

Paperwork required for a visa to Slovenia

Any documents required for your Slovenian Schengen visa must be filled out or translated into English or Slovene. The following information must be included in every Slovenian visa application. essential records required:

  • Valid passport
  • Passport photos
  • Formal request
  • Biometric information
  • Travel health insurance
  • Visa charge
  • Materials that are relevant to your trip
  • The purpose of the trip
  • Lodging proof
  • Proof of fund

Visa processing

A visa application must be submitted at least 15 calendar days and up to 6 months before the intended visit. Even though processing might take up to 15 days, submitting a visa application with fewer than 15 days to go may still result in approval.

Travel insurance for health

The applicant must provide proof of travel health insurance with at least a EUR 30,000 minimum yearly premium and coverage for the scheduled trips. All Schengen countries are required to accept the insurance. A third party, such as the person who invited the application, may obtain such insurance on the applicant’s behalf in the Republic of Slovenia.

Getting a resident’s registration

Visitors entering Slovenia with a temporary residence permit or visa must register their residency within eight days from arrival, receiving documentation, or the commencement of their temporary stay. With the local administrative authority, they must register their address. Within eight days of getting your permanent residency permit, you must register it at the administrative office. You will need a valid picture ID and evidence of your right to occupy the registered address to register your temporary or permanent home. This may also encompass written approval from the homeowner, co-owners, or facility management, alongside documents verifying ownership, a lease agreement, sublease, or alternative sources.

Single work and residence permit 

One advantage of doing business in Slovenia is that foreign employees just need one visa to reside and work there. This results in a rather straightforward application process. The Slovenian employer or the foreign employee may apply for a work and residence permit there. Both parties must provide identical documents, with the employer doing so within Slovenia, while the employee initiates the process at the Slovenian embassy or consulate in their country of residence. It’s important to have a contract in place before applying since Slovenian work permits are issued subject to employment.

Reconsideration of a visa decision

The applicant may appeal a decision made during the visa application procedure. The appeal should be a written submission in the Slovenian language, encompassing all the criteria specified in the Administrative Procedure Act. You should file the appeal within eight days and send it to the consular post. A EUR 153 consular fee applies to appeals. The consular post must resolve the appeal before considering a new visa application.

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