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How to immigrate from Pakistan to Europe

It is one of the largest countries in the world with a landmass of 881,913 km2.

According to the Human Development Index, it is a developing country ranked at 147 out of 170 countries with low human development. Living in Pakistan allows one to see life from a different perspective. This country has a largely poor population.

In 2008, over 17% of the total Pakistani population were found living in abjectly below the poverty line and the unemployment rate was as high as 15%. These are good reasons enough to migrate to Europe.

In this article, we’ll be guiding you on immigrating to Europe from Pakistan. You’ll see all the documents you need to begin your application, the processing time, and some of the benefits of staying in EU countries as a Pakistani immigrant.

Why do migrants from Pakistan move to Europe?

Pakistan is a middle power and has the 6th largest standing armed forces in the world. It is also a nuclear power and a declared nuclear-weapons state. This makes Pakistan the only Muslim nation in the world to have that status. 

Since independence, politics in Pakistan have been filled with long periods of political instability, military rule, and conflicts with India. It also faces constant social crises like overpopulation, terrorism, poverty, illiteracy, and corruption.

Constant violence and economic instability are the major reasons why thousands of Pakistanis to flee to Europe for safety.

Despite having a semi-industrialized economy and growing middle-class population enumerated to be over 70 million, a lot of Pakistan citizens still move to Europe illegally via Libya. 

Best ways to immigrate to Europe from Pakistan 

Just as the US is made up of 50 states, the European Union is a regional body that takes decisions that would benefit all its members. There are currently 28 countries in the EU, and if you are a citizen of any one of these countries, you can live and work in any EU country of your choice.

Each country in the European Union has its laws, policies, and regimes that guide the admission of immigrants from non-EU countries. 

The laws guiding employment, studies, marriage, permanent residency, and citizenship varies between countries. If you plan on moving to any EU country from Pakistan, you need to first find a country in the EU that has favorable immigration laws for you.

Once you’ve made your choice on which country you want, apply for a travel visa and a residence permit. The visa you are applying for depends on the purpose of your stay. If you are immigrating to Europe for academic purposes, you should apply for a study visa. But if you are going to any EU country to get a job, then you should apply for a work visa.

But getting married to an EU citizen is the fastest way to obtain citizenship rights and permanent residence permit to stay in the country. This applies to all EU member states. You can also obtain citizenship and permanent residency after residing in any EU country for 6-10 years.

Germany Visa from Pakistan

Reichstag building in Germany, Berlin

Germany is a popular destination for visitors and tourists from all over the world. Its beauty and colorful culture attract millions of tourists annually. If you plan to obtain a German visa, you will first have to purchase an application form from a German Embassy/Consulate in your country.

German visas allow the beneficiary to stay longer in the country. However, there are several types of visas available in this country. Here are the common types of visa available in Germany:

  • Tourist visa – allows you to travel to Germany without any formal invitation letter.
  • Study visa – Mainly for students that plan to study in Germany. They must have been admitted by a university or educational institution before they can begin their application.
  • Business visa – Allows expats to come to Germany for business. You must possess a formal invitation letter that fully explains the nature of your visit.
  • Work visa – This type of visa is mainly for employment purposes. You must possess a formal letter from your employer stating the nature, period, and purpose of the job before you can apply.

Pakistanis can also apply for a Schengen visa and reside in Germany for up 90 days. Schengen visas allow the beneficiary to travel to any of the 26 Schengen.

Documents needed for a German Visa from Pakistan

Documents required to apply for a German visa from a German consulate in Pakistan varies and depends on the type of visa you are applying for. But in general, these are the required documents:

  • Application form;
  • Original passport;
  • Passport photographs;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • Bank statement;
  • Travel health insurance.

Top 3 countries in EU for Pakistani

If you’re a Pakistani looking for easy naturalization in any EU country, these are the best three countries in Europe for you.


Iceland has a favorable naturalization process for Pakistan citizens. It allows Pakistanis who have been legal residents for 7 years to become a citizen. However, if a Pakistani is married to a citizen of Iceland, he/she can receive citizenship in less than 3 years.

2. Belgium

Belgium is another fine EU country for Pakistani migrants. It allows its citizens to hold dual citizenship rights. So, as a Pakistani, you don’t need to renounce your Pakistani nationality. Belgium also has a huge Pakistanis community of expats found all over the country. This EU country also offers long-term, work, Family, study and Re-Entry at an affordable price. How to get Belgium Visa?

3. The United Kingdom

The UK has different visas that allow Pakistani nationality to work and study. The application process is super easy and after completing a specific duration, you can easily apply for citizenship.

The GPA of the EU is the largest in the world. It is nearly twice those of the USA and China combined. This means that immigrant is sitting on an economical goldmine where there are lots of jobs and opportunity. 

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