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Reasons to immigrate to Slovenia 

Do you ever wonder why people go to Slovenia? Are you considering moving to a European Union nation?

Slovenia is a fantastic place to begin a new life. In Slovenia, company registration and obtaining a work visa are two of the most popular ways to obtain a residence permit.

The Slovenian government encourages economic growth, and over the past ten years, the economy has prospered. Due to its advantageous geographic position, Slovenia serves as a link between the Balkans and the nations of Central and Western Europe. The most significant benefits include a high level of investor protection, a relatively low level of bureaucracy, a straightforward business registration process, and flexible legislation.

Living in Slovenia as an expat

Anyone moving to Slovenia will find an outstanding selection of attractions. There are hundreds of castles, thousands of miles of hiking paths across the mountains, numerous forests, vineyards, beaches, and ski resorts, not to mention a profusion of ornate cathedrals. The nation also has a number of spectacular lakes, including the stunning glacial lake of Bled, which is home to a famous islet with a church on top and a medieval castle perched on a cliff.

Slovenia is regarded as a high-income nation because it is situated at the intersection of ancient European trade routes.

Two-thirds of the population works in services, and many foreigners who move to Solvenia find employment in the trade and export sector, particularly in the automobile business.

Opportunities exist for foreigners, and the nation wants to safeguard foreign capital and investment.


Slovenia has reasonably priced lodging. The cost of housing will increase the closer one gets to a city center, but even here, the cost of houses isn’t excessive. Additionally, housing in rural locations is typically older than in major cities. Internationally, expats have a variety of housing options because the housing market includes new construction, resale houses, rehabilitation and development projects, and new builds. Buses can be used for transportation within cities as well as between them. The major cities also have a number of bus routes. An Urbana card, a pass that enables rapid and cashless payments for transportation, cable car rides to the Ljubljana castle, parking fees, and even the Ljubljana city library, is required for foreigners to use the public transportation systems.

Slovenia gives its citizens state-funded medical cost reductions. Patients are frequently still asked to pay co-payments for their care; nonetheless, many people prefer to use private healthcare.

Cost of living in Slovenia 

Although Ljubljana, the capital city, is not expensive and was ranked 126th out of 209 cities in the Mercer cost of living survey in 2021, the majority of Slovenia’s population lives in urban areas, particularly Ljubljana. Taxes in Solvenia are still relatively high. Still, with just over 2 million people living there as a whole, expats can anticipate a lot of nature and beautiful scenery instead of a concrete urban sprawl.

Expat families and children

There are a few excellent international schools that offer the International Baccalaureate, French, and British curricula for foreign nationals moving to Slovenia with families. These schools are concentrated in Ljubljana. Citizens of the EU and the UK can easily buy real estate in Slovenia.

Due to the small area of the nation, tourists can go skiing in the morning, have lunch at a castle winery, and soak up some sun on the beach in the morning. Slovenian spas also provide much more than just adult relaxation. The kids won’t have any reason to be bored with slides, thermal pools, and wave pools.

Climate in Slovenia 

Slovenia has three distinct climate zones: continental in the interior, Mediterranean along the coast, and Alpine in the mountains. The country typically experiences warm summers and chilly winters, with October and November seeing the highest rainfall.

Beautiful and largely unspoiled

Slovenia is ideal for adventurous expats wishing to enjoy the nation’s breathtaking coastline, formidable mountain ranges, and lovely lakes. Many foreigners enjoy living here because of the friendly locals, affordable housing, and variety of activities.

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