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European passport via business in Slovenia

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However, Slovenia is still well known for its loyal attitude towards foreigners at the legislative level. Therefore, the easiest way for business immigration to Europe is to obtain a Slovenian passport. 


Why Slovenia?

According to the World Doing Business Index 2020, Slovenia is ranked 37th in terms of ease of doing business from 190 countries. This is a very good result! It is a highly developed industrial country with stable economic growth, low inflation, and low unemployment. Slovenian Republic has tax incentives for investment activities. Moreover, Slovenia is the country with the highest incomes.

Benefits of Slovenian residence card

A residence permit in Slovenia provides sufficient opportunities. You will be able to stay in the country for a year with the possibility of extending the residence permit. You can freely move around the Schengen countries, and the number of entries is not limited. And most importantly, a residence permit is the first step towards EU citizenship. According to Slovenian immigration law, after 5 years of residence in the country, you can obtain permanent residence status, and after 10 years – a Slovenian passport.


Obtaining Slovenian residence 

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The procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia based on starting a business; it is simple and is divided into only two stages. However, for the process to proceed as quickly and efficiently as possible, entrepreneurs who have completed all paperwork are advised to contact the experts.

First step — registration company in Slovenia


Decide in what form you see your business, because several options for the enterprise are possible: 

  • an LLC;
  • subsidiary company or representative office (branch). 

You have the right to register a private enterprise (as is customary throughout the EU) after 1 year of official residence in Slovenia. The general process of certification, obtaining a work permit and residence permit takes 3-5 months.


Second step ― satisfied one of the business conditions

After fulfilling any of the conditions, you can apply for a Unified Work and Residence Permit in Slovenia.

Please note that the minimum authorized capital of a company must be 7500 euros. 

When the company is opened, these funds can be spent for any purpose – except for personal needs and cash withdrawals from the account. 

Required documents

You should provide the list of following documents:

  • Passport
  • Proof of address
  • Legal address approval
  • Name reservation application
  • Articles of Organization
  • The Slovenian Trade and Companies Register registration number

Bank account

If you decide to open a company in Slovenia, you have to open a corporate bank account. This type of account needs for the main business of the company, for internal expenses, payment for services, and providing net income for private entrepreneurs.


The period of register LLC Company in Slovenia engagement approximately 4 weeks. It is consisting of Engagement planning company incorporation, corporate bank account approval, corporate internet banking approval, engagement completion.


Third step — registration of a Slovenian residence permit

This should be done at the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Slovenia located in the country of your permanent residence.


Thanks to recent changes in the laws on the employment of non-residents of Slovenia, a convenient document has appeared – the Unified Residence and Work Permit.


It significantly simplifies the immigration procedure, as well as the timing of its registration: a person simultaneously receives a work permit and a temporary stay in the country.


Now, experts assure that, immediately after registering a company in Slovenia, you can find a job as a director and receive a Unified residence and work permit without a certificate from the labor exchange. 



Another option, which mainly applies to newcomer companies operating for less than 6 months: an entrepreneur is given the permission to anyone who can invest at least 50,000 euros in the company’s fixed assets before applying.


According to experts, Slovenia has extremely loyal laws for foreign entrepreneurs. In general, you can issue a Unified Residence and Work Permit within a period of no more than 30 days (after collecting all the documents). Another 2 weeks requires the issuance of a residence card. The first Unified work and residence permit (residence permit and work permit at once) is valid for 1 year. Then it can be extended for 5 years, and after another 5 years – to issue the coveted citizenship!


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