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Immigration to Finland from Afghanistan

The influx of Afghan immigrants seeking refuge and better opportunities has become a significant concern for many countries, including Finland. This article delves into the reasons behind the immigration from Afghanistan to Finland, explores the immigration process, and highlights the integration efforts to support Afghan immigrants in their journey towards a new life.

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Reasons for immigration

Due to Afghanistan’s volatile past, which has been marked by persistent military warfare, political unrest, and socioeconomic difficulties, many Afghans have been forced to go for safety and security in other places. A large number of Afghans have left their country in pursuit of a better future for themselves and their family due to the deteriorating security situation and the lack of economic, educational, and healthcare prospects. Afghan refugees seeking security, stability, and better prospects are drawn to Finland because of its high standard of life, social welfare system, and respect for human rights.

Immigration process

The immigration process from Afghanistan to Finland is governed by the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) and follows a set of regulations and procedures designed to ensure fair and orderly migration. Afghan immigrants typically go through the following steps:

Asylum application

Afghan refugees usually enter Finland with either a valid visa or seek asylum upon arrival. They can apply for asylum at the border or the asylum reception centers. The application process involves providing personal information, reasons for seeking asylum, and supporting documentation.

Interview and assessment

After applying, applicants undergo an interview with immigration officials to provide more details about their situation and reasons for seeking asylum. Their claims are assessed based on international and national laws regarding persecution, human rights violations, and other relevant factors.

Decision and appeal

Following the assessment, Migri decides on the asylum application. If granted asylum, Afghan immigrants receive a residence permit, granting them a legal stay in Finland. In case of rejection, applicants have the right to appeal the decision through administrative courts.

Integration process

Upon receiving a residence permit, Afghan refugees are entitled to various integration measures provided by Finnish authorities. These measures include Finnish language courses, orientation programs, vocational training, and assistance in finding employment and housing. The aim is to support their successful integration into Finnish society and empower them to become self-sufficient and active contributors to their new community. The country has been proactive in implementing integration policies and programs to facilitate the smooth integration of Afghan immigrants:

Language and cultural integration

Finland emphasizes the importance of language skills for successful integration. Finnish language courses are offered to Afghan immigrants, enabling them to communicate effectively, access employment opportunities, and participate in society. Cultural orientation programs are also provided to help immigrants understand Finnish customs, traditions, and societal norms.

Employment and vocational training

Finland supports Afghan refugees in their journey towards economic self-sufficiency. Employment support programs, job counseling, and vocational training initiatives are available to enhance their skills and employability. These programs aim to facilitate the integration of Afghan immigrants into the Finnish job market.

Education access

Finland recognizes the significance of education in the integration process. Afghan children and young adults have access to the Finnish education system, including comprehensive schooling and higher education. This enables them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for their personal and professional growth.

Social support and mental health services

Finland acknowledges the psychological challenges faced by Afghan immigrants due to their migration experiences. Social support services, counseling, and mental health programs are provided to address the emotional well-being of Afghan refugees and facilitate their trauma-healing process.

Community engagement

Finland promotes community engagement and social interaction between Afghan immigrants and the local population. Initiatives such as mentorship programs, cultural exchange events, and community integration projects encourage mutual understanding and create opportunities for meaningful connections.


Understanding the causes of this movement and putting in place efficient integration strategies are essential as Finland continues to see an increase in immigration from Afghanistan. Finland wants to guarantee that Afghan immigrants successfully integrate into Finnish society by offering assistance with language learning, jobs, education, social services, and community engagement. By making these steps, Finland may foster a welcoming climate that encourages Afghan immigrants to start over, contribute to society, and feel a part of their new community.

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