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Getting a US visa as a citizen of Hungary

Although visiting the US can be exciting, Hungarian nationals must comprehend the US visa application process. This page seeks to walk inhabitants of Hungary through the procedures necessary to obtain a US visa, from comprehending permit types to appearing at the visa meeting.

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Understanding US visa categories and eligibility

Before the application procedure, it is essential to select the appropriate permit category for your visit. The most prevalent pass types for Hungarian nationals are B-2 tourist, B-1 business, and F-1 student. Check the US embassy’s official web page for current and accurate details since each category has unique eligibility conditions and documentation needs.

Determining the purpose of your visit

It’s essential to establish your travel objectives clearly to secure a US visa successfully. The objective of your travel will decide the kind of permit you need while assisting documentation you need to acquire, whether you’re taking a family holiday, attending a business conference, or pursuing further education.

Gathering required documents

You must acquire the required paperwork after choosing your pass class and destination. These are the main papers you’ll require:

Valid passport

Ensure that your passport has validity for at least six more months than the length of time you plan to spend in the US.

DS-160 confirmation page

Fill out the DS-160 online form completely, then print the approval page. For your permit application, this form is essential.


Provide a recent, high-quality photograph that meets the US visa photo requirements.

Proof of purpose of travel

You may require supporting documentation, including a letter of request, a letter of jobs, or proof of enrolment in a US university, based on the sort of permit you’re asking for.

Financial documents

Provide bank records, pay slips, or other financial records to prove your capacity to pay for the expenditures of your trip.

Travel itinerary

Provide a thorough travel itinerary that includes your hotel and airplane tickets as well as any activities you have scheduled while visiting the US.

Supporting documentation

You could require extra documents, such as marriage or birth records or proof of a prior US visa, given your situation.

Filling out the online DS-160 Form

The DS-160 form is an online application that collects information about your background, purpose of travel, and personal details. Make sure to fill out this form completely and truthfully because any errors could delay the approval of your permit. You will receive an authorization page after submitting, which you must carry with you to the visa interview.

Scheduling the visa interview

After completing the DS-160 form, you will need to schedule a permit meeting at the US embassy or consulate in Hungary. Visit the embassy’s website to find the appropriate instructions and guidelines for scheduling the interview. It’s advisable to schedule the conference well in advance, as appointment availability can vary.

Preparing for the visa interview

To improve your chances of success, you must prepare for the permit interview. Review your supporting documentation in detail, prepare responses for interview questions, and make sure you comprehend your travel arrangements. It’s crucial to be straightforward, assured, and succinct during the interview.

Attending the visa interview

On the day of your visa interview, arrive at the embassy or consulate ahead of time and bring all the required documents. Dress professionally and be prepared for security checks. During the talk, the consular officer will ask questions about your travel plans, financial status, and ties to your home country. Answer truthfully and concisely, providing supporting documents when necessary.

After the interview

The diplomat will let you know the outcome of the permit approval following the interview. If accepted, the permit will be attached to your passport and sent back to you. You’ll get a written response if your pass petition is rejected. If your application is rejected, you might be able to reapply or get legal counsel to help you understand why.

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