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TOP 8 places worth visiting in Milan

Milan is one of the world’s fashion centers and the financial capital of Italy, but there is also a lot to see in the city. Milan has a rich and ancient history and is filled with art and architectural masterpieces to be visited.

Milan Cathedral

This majestic Gothic building is rightfully the symbol of Milan and one of its main adornments. No one can pass by this stunning cathedral, because it is beautiful both outside and inside: soaring pointed arches, columns, and sculptures, luxurious paintings – you cannot take your eyes off the decoration of the Duomo. It seems as if he was in another dimension. What are only stained-glass windows, fantastic in their beauty, the oldest of which is more than 500 years old!

In the cathedral, you can also read the names of all the archbishops of Milan (starting from the 1st century), carved in stone, see the tombstones of the saints, decorated with paintings from the life of St. Ambrose, and listen to one of the best organs in the world.

Sforza Castle

Perhaps the most popular among tourists is the Milan castle to be visited, built in the 15th century as the residence of the Milanese dukes from the dynasty of the same name. Today it is hospitably open for those wishing to get acquainted not only with the life of the nobility of those times but also with the works of art of famous Italians.

By paying 15 euros, you will have access to the chateau museum’s halls, which display furniture and household utensils, as well as an art gallery with paintings by painters such as Mantegna, Bellini, and Correggio. There is a separate room dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci (who, by the way, was personally involved in decorating the castle). The Archaeological Museum is also worth a visit.

Pinakothek Brera

Milan itself is a work of art, let alone its museums and galleries! To visit here and not visit at least some of their attractions of wealth? It’s impossible!

The best place to discover the masterpieces of Italian craftsmen is the Pinacoteca Brera, the largest museum in Milan. Here one of the largest collections of Italian painting of the XIV-XIX centuries is exhibited, as well as a collection of European paintings of the XV-XVII centuries. Van Dyck, El Greco, Goya, Rembrandt, Caravaggio – these names sound like music to the ear of beauty lovers. But even if you do not consider yourself to be such, the Pinakothek is still worth a visit!

Basilica of St. Ambrose

Be sure to take the time to visit the basilica of St. Ambrose, and see with your own eyes this structure, which is almost a thousand years old. The old building seems to be saturated with history and the spirit of the past centuries: beautiful paintings, paintings on religious subjects, church utensils – there is something to admire! A wonderful place to feel the unique atmosphere of antiquity and tranquility.

Brera quarter

The Brera quarter is one of the places where tourists in Milan should go hunting for impressions. The quarter is famous not so much for its proximity to the Duomo and Pinacoteca, but its unique flavor.

Take a walk through the colorful labyrinths of streets, sit on the terrace of a cozy cafe or stop to listen to a street musician. Or maybe you want to know your destiny? No problems! Fortune-tellers are also available here.

The undoubted plus of the Brera quarter is an exclusively pedestrian zone (entry is allowed only to its residents). So – a minimum of transport and a maximum of freedom of movement. And, of course, a lot of interesting places and great photos to boot!

Brera is surrounded by Via Pontaccio, Via Borgonuovo, Via del Lauro and Via Monte di Pieta, and Via Mercato. The nearest metro stations are Lanza, Cairoli and Montenapoleone.

Church of San Maurizio

The Church of San Maurizio is just the case when you don’t judge by the dress. The seemingly unremarkable basilica instantly appears differently, as soon as you enter it. Inside, visitors will find a magnificent interior with stunning 16th-century frescoes painted by the best artists in Lombardy.

Also, next to the church, in the halls of the former monastery, there is the Museum of Archeology with a rich collection of weapons (Celtic, Etruscan, and Roman), jewelry, ceramics, and household items.

Poldi Pezzoli Museum

Another Milanese treasury, which is a sin not to visit and pay attention to. The Poldi Pezzoli Museum displays the private collection of Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli, which includes works of art, ancient weapons, jewelry, and antiques collected by the owner throughout his life. Moreover, if you are a big fan of Italian art, here you also should see paintings by Botticelli, Bellini, Mantegna, and many other great artists.

Naviglio Grande

Did you know that Milan has its own Grand Canal? Well, now you will know for sure. The Naviglio Grande is not just any, but the oldest canal in Europe (built in the 12th century) with a length of 48 kilometers. It connects Milan with the town of Tornavento.

Today Naviglio Grande is not only an incredibly beautiful place for walking (especially in the evening) but also the center of the city’s nightlife. A great variety of bars and restaurants for every taste attract lovers of active nightlife here, and the famous aperitivo (happy hour option) allows you to taste local cuisine for almost nothing (the aperitivo principle – you pay only for a drink, and a free buffet – in the bargain). And every last Sunday of the month, there is a large flea market along the Naviglio Grande.

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