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Education in Europe. Higher education in Hungary.

Studying in Hungary has always been prestigious and promising for many years. Finding a job with a European-style diploma is much easier than with the crust of a domestic university.

Therefore, if you are looking for a worthy place of study, we recommend that you take a closer look at Hungarian higher educational institutions. Hungary offers quality education in English.

Flag of Hungary

What can Hungary offer to school leavers?

There are about two dozen universities in the country: the first technical University of Economics in Europe, the Budapest University of the Humanities, the Academy of Arts, the Conservatory, and many other universities. In the 1990s, foreign educational institutions appeared here: Oxford Brookes University, McDaniel Campus in Budapest, CEU, etc.

These universities were organized with the help of British and American universities. They specialize in marketing and advertising, management, and information technology.

Features of education in Hungarian

The higher education system is dual – there are both colleges and universities. Some colleges can be affiliated with universities as faculties. You can get a bachelor’s degree at a college, and at a university, you can study in a bachelor’s, master’s, and postgraduate studies.

Education both at college and at the university is 4-5 years. Well, if you plan to enter medical schools, be ready to give science six years. By the way, the medical diplomas obtained in Hungary are recognized by the World Health Organization, which means that you will be hired in any hospital in the world.

Education at the university takes place according to the classical scheme: 

  • seminars;
  • lectures;
  • laboratory work. 

Seminars in Hungary usually take the form of interactive discussions between professor and student groups on a given topic. The scientific degree is awarded after the defense of the final scientific work.

In 2003, a credit system was introduced in Hungary. 30 hours of workload is 1 credit. For four years of study, a student must collect at least 240 credits, for 5 years – 300 credits.

The grading system is five-point.

Students must take 2-3 written assignments each week. In the middle of the semester (and not at the end, as we are used to), it is necessary to take exams, at the end of the course – the final written work.

A characteristic feature of Hungarian universities is their internationality, students from all over the world come here to study. 

If you are lucky enough to enroll in one of the universities or colleges in Hungary, you can learn a lot. For example, how to dance salsa with a classmate from Brazil or practice conversational English with a colleague from Canada.

Rules for admission to Hungarian universities for foreign students

In Hungary, domestic diplomas and certificates do not need to be additionally confirmed – it is enough to translate documents into English (if you are going to enter international universities) or into Hungarian and notarize them.

If the training will take place in English, the applicant will have to confirm the knowledge of the language by providing the appropriate document, for example, the TOEFL certificate. For those entering the undergraduate degree, 550 TOEFL points are required, for the graduate degree – 650 points.

By the way, if an applicant wants to improve a foreign language before entering, he will be able to enter preparatory courses at the chosen university.

This is a fairly popular practice – according to statistics, 80% of applicants who have attended this type, of course, enter the chosen specialty. 

You will have time to delve into the peculiarities of Hungarian teaching. 

Besides, a foreign applicant will need:

get a long-term visa (D – gives the right to stay for more than 90 days);

take Hungarian language courses – as a rule, the last 1–2 years;

pass an exam for knowledge of the Hungarian language;

collect the necessary documents – they may differ depending on the selected program. As a rule, these are 

  • motivation letters (statement of purpose); 
  • essays;
  • recommendations. 

The members of the selection committee will assess your originality, knowledge of the correct structure of work, argumentation. By the way, we advise you to pay special attention to the essay – graduates of domestic schools simply do not come across this type of work.

Can I get a residence permit by enrolling in a Hungarian university?

Yes, you can – and this is one of the advantages of studying in Hungary. You get the opportunity to get a European education (in Hungary it is much cheaper than, for example, in England or Germany) and eventually get a job in one of the EU countries.

Students receive a residence permit for the entire period of study in Hungary, as well as during preparatory courses. By the way, foreign students have the right to work at a university, for example, in a library or hostel. Work outside the university will have to be coordinated with the department.

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