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Residence permit in Slovakia – 2021

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The level of investment attractiveness has put the country in the list of the 20 most open to investment states.

The main advantages of obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia

Many residents of the post-Soviet space are striving to obtain a residence permit in Slovakia. Consider why this country is considered so attractive for living and doing business:

  1. Having received a residence permit, you can permanently reside in a rapidly developing European country for the entire duration of the residence permit card;
  2. Opening borders. Having received a residence permit in Slovakia, an immigrant can freely move between the 28 countries of the European Union. It does not require visas and other permits;
  3. The ability to do business in the European market. A residence permit allows an entrepreneur to work without restrictions not only in the Slovak market but also freely cooperate with EU countries. Such an opportunity arises due to the loyal attitude of local authorities towards immigrants. Having received a residence permit, a foreigner is equal in rights to representatives of the local population. A fertile ground for doing business is created by the absence of bureaucracy and relatively lenient laws;
  4. A residence permit allows you to move to Slovakia at any time. At the same time, a foreigner can stay in his/her home country, conducting a remote business in Slovakia and visiting it only if necessary. But if earlier, after obtaining a residence permit, a foreigner could not come to the country, then since 2018 there has been a requirement for compulsory residence for at least 183 days a year;
  5. The ability to reunite with your family. Family members of a residence permit cardholder can obtain a residence permit under a simplified scheme;
  6. European education for children. The applicant’s children who have moved to Slovakia under the family reunification program can apply for quality secondary and higher education. Education in Slovak schools and universities is free;
  7. The possibility of obtaining a loan for running a business or buying real estate;
  8. Social guarantees and high-quality medical care.

Slovakia is considered one of the most loyal countries for immigrants. Because many EU countries are already overcrowded with visitors, they are gradually tightening the criteria for entry. In Slovakia, there has not yet been such a strong influx of foreigners. Moreover, the country needs qualified specialists from many areas, which is why immigrants can apply for prestigious, highly paid jobs.

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Ways of obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia

In Slovakia, there are several grounds for granting a permit for obtaining a residence permit in 2021.


A residence permit is issued based on a work permit, while the Ministry of Labor must confirm the possibility of applying for a vacant position. The status is granted for one year. You can take up a position if citizens of Slovakia do not apply for it. After the regular renewal of the residence permit, you can count on obtaining permanent residence status and a passport.


A residence permit can be obtained for the entire duration of the educational process. It is provided to students and schoolchildren. In their free time, students can earn extra money.

A family

You can get a permit if you are a close relative of a resident of Slovakia. These categories of citizens include:

  1. Husband or wife;
  2. Parents who have reached the age of 65;
  3. Minor children;
  4. Children under the age of 25, if they have a medical condition that prevents them from working.

It is necessary to confirm the purpose of the move and the presence of family ties. It can be done with a marriage or birth certificate. If a minor is moving, the other parent must write a written consent.


Marriage is the union of a man and a woman to form a family and raise children together. The union must be registered officially, with the registry office or the church. The ceremony should be attended by official representatives, two witnesses, and a court interpreter. The interpreter is required if the other spouse has poor knowledge of the Slovak language.

After registering your marriage, you receive a residence permit. To work, you must obtain a work permit. If you are extending your residence permit, you can officially find a job. University admission is available after marriage registration.


A residence permit can be obtained by representatives of organizations and individual entrepreneurs. Crossing the border is allowed every six months while maintaining the status. A permit is issued if your business is profitable enough. The minimum profit for the founder must be 11.4 thousand euros per year. For a private entrepreneur, it is at least 3.8 thousand euros. There are no restrictions on the activities of foreign business persons in the country.

Documents for a residence permit

To obtain a residence permit in Slovakia, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • Statement. To be completed only on the official letterhead of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Slovakia. Answers to questions are written in Slovak;
  • A valid foreign passport;
  • 2 color photographs, 30 x 35 mm;
  • A certificate confirming that the foreigner has not been convicted;
  • Proof of funds for the entire stay (not provided by ethnic Slovaks).

Depending on the various grounds for obtaining a residence permit, the following documents may be required:

  • Certificate from work about the official salary;
  • Confirmation of the scholarship;
  • Sponsorship letter with a bank statement of the sponsor. The amount for a living is calculated based on the subsistence minimum. It equals 198.09 euros per month;
  • Guaranteed availability of housing for the entire stay;
  • Lease contract. The tenant’s signature is certified by a notary. Additionally, a cadastral extract on the rights of a Slovak citizen to a property is provided;
  • Certificate from a student, work, or another hostel.

The presence of housing has the right not to confirm:

  • Husbands, wives, or children of Slovaks;
  • Foreign workers, if they or their husbands, wives, or children work for an efficient Slovak investor;
  • Fellows of the government of the Central European state going to study;
  • Scientists entering for research and or scientific activities;
  • Ethnic Slovaks.

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