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Getting an employment visa – work permit in Singapore 

Singapore grants temporary or permanent employment permits to foreigners. Qualified foreigners who want to work in Singapore must apply through an authorized company or agency. Employers in Singapore must pay foreign workers a wage, retain a security bond, and provide health insurance. 

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Requirements for a work visa in Singapore

Foreign employees in Singapore must meet the qualifications listed below:

  • own a current passport;
  • be at least 18 years old and only be able to do the tasks listed on the government-issued work permits.
  • neither participate in any other businesses nor launch their own;
  • work exclusively for the employer and in the profession listed on the work permit or work pass;
  • not marry a Singaporean national or permanent resident without Ministry of Manpower approval; 
  • dwell exclusively at the address specified by the employer when the working relationship began;
  • hold the original work permit at all times and show it to any public official who requests to see it.

Work visa categories provided by the Singaporean government

All foreigners who desire to work in Singapore must get a work permit from the Singapore Ministry of Manpower, which offers a variety of work passes. Before beginning employment in Singapore, all foreign nationals must obtain a work visa that is currently valid. Following is a discussion of the many work visas that Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower authorities may provide based on the nature of the job:

Singapore employment permit

Foreign executives, managers, and professionals may work in Singapore with the Employment Pass. A minimum monthly salary of $4,500 is required, or $5,000 for applicants in the financial services industry. You must possess the necessary credentials, which are often a strong college degree, professional certifications, or specialized knowledge.

Singapore entry pass

EntrePass allows qualified international business owners to start venture-backed companies in Singapore or possess cutting-edge technologies. As an investor, entrepreneur, or inventor, the candidate must have government financing, entrepreneurial expertise, and intellectual property. The latest company biography and English business plan are necessary. 

Personal Employment Pass for Singapore (PEP)

Personalized Employment Pass is for high-earning Employment Pass holders and overseas professionals. Since it’s not tied to a firm, it’s more flexible than an Employment Pass. If your most recent fixed monthly income abroad was at least $18,000, you can apply for the Singapore Personalized Employment Pass. Your last income should be from the past six months. You can also apply if you have an Employment Pass and a $12,000 fixed monthly income.

Singapore S pass

Mid-level skilled workers are permitted to work in Singapore with the Singapore S Pass. You must earn at least $2,500 per month, have the necessary education and employment experience, and apply for an S Pass for Singapore. Additionally, you must have health insurance of $15,000 annually.

Miscellaneous work pass for Singapore

For qualifying foreigners on brief work missions, such as seminar lecturers, clerics, or journalists, the Miscellaneous Work Pass is available.

Requesting a Singapore work visa or permit

Your employer must apply for your employment permit. Foreign employers must get a Singaporean sponsor. Regional sponsor applies. S and employment pass applications are similar. Your company must submit its most recent ACRA-registered business profile or information. Online Singapore work permit applications take three weeks to process, and manual ones take eight (at a Singapore Embassy or Consulate). Your workplace needs an IPA letter. The company has 60 days to request an S pass or six months to bring you to Singapore for an employment pass. Singapore is required for the pass. 

Entering Singapore

You must provide information about your existing immigration pass and a completed medical examination or health declaration form once you arrive in Singapore to get your pass. You must also provide a Singaporean address for your home that satisfies housing rules. You will get a mail informing you when your employer completes the relevant issuing procedures and accepts your pass. Although it is possible to prolong the validity, this is good for one month. While you wait for your pass card, you may start working and traveling in and out of Singapore using this letter.

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