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Singapore: relocation guide


Singapore is also among the globe’s most luxurious capitals. However, it also has many other accomplishments: finest, best-planned, and certainly most amusing. 

Like Australian coal millionaire Nathan Tinkler and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, several high-profile entrepreneurs have relocated to the flourishing Southeast Asian city-state in current history. Likewise, a lot of multinational firms have chosen Singapore as their staging ground in Asia.

Furthermore, extremely competent employees, professionals, and leaders seek to emigrate to Singapore to benefit from the numerous opportunities. Moving to Singapore is an excellent and attractive alternative for people, businesses, and multinational corporations alike.


The majority of Singapore’s expatriate community hails from the surrounding states. Citizens from various nations can relocate to Singapore by a variety of means. Their motivation mostly determines this for relocating here.

Moving to reconcile with family

Holding a Dependant Permit, foreign workers with an EP, PEP, or S Pass can bring their lawful partner and young kids to Singapore. A Prolonged Travel Permit allows parents, a life partner, and children with special needs over 21 to relocate to this country.

Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP)

A Long-Term Visit Pass may be required if a non-citizen wishes to reside in Singapore for more than one month. Two categories of LTVPs are available, each granted by a distinct Singaporean authority. They each have their own set of inclusion criteria and registration procedures. The Singaporean “Immigrant and Checkpoints Authority” issues the first kind of LTVP. 

The “Ministry of Manpower (MOM)” issues the second form of LTVP, which is accessible to families of overseas workers who do not eligible for the Dependant Pass but wish to stay in Singapore with their loved ones.

Dependant’s Pass

A “Dependant’s Pass (DP)” is a migration permit for certain close relatives of “Singapore Employment Pass, S Pass, EntrePass, or Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)” bearers. Dependant’s Permits are effective for as long as the card bearer is employed in the country. 

Migrating for work

Professionals can relocate to Singapore on one of three forms of employment visas.


The Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) program is for overseas business owners, rising inventors, and skilled funders who want to establish a firm in Singapore and migrate. The Program is key to Singapore’s strategy to recruit people and establish itself as a national commercial center.

Employment Pass

An Employment Pass, or EP, is a job permit provided by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower to overseas professionals, leaders, and investors or executives of Singaporean businesses. This work permit enables you to reside legally in the country. It also allows you to fly in and out without the need to reapply for an entrance visa.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Personalized Employment Pass

The “Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)” is a special work permit that isn’t tied to a single company. PEPs are intended for extremely competent people who want to operate in the country. This permit enables you to change jobs in Singapore without renewing a visa, as long as you are not jobless.

S Pass

This card is for individuals with less than a bachelor’s degree who desire to move to Singapore. This visa must be applied for by the firm that wants to hire the person. A quota restricts the amount of S passes that a corporation can hire. As per this rule, S Pass users cannot make up more than 15-20% of a business’s entire staff.

Permanent Residing Pass

Permanent residency in Singapore can provide migrants with several of the similar benefits as local residents. It covers the ability to purchase land there, better quality public education for pupils, and the ability to settle in the nation without having to obtain a visa.

Global Investors Program

If you are prepared to invest in Singapore and back up your finances with demonstrated business capabilities, you can file for Singaporean PR (permanent residence). This specific Program is defined as the “Investor Scheme” and is formally recognized as the “Global Investor Programme (GIP Scheme).”

PTS Scheme

Anyone with a Singaporean Work Permit, “EntrePass,” or “PEP” can apply to acquire lifelong residency under the “Professional, Technical Personnel, and Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS Scheme).” The PTS scheme is the recommended method of obtaining legal citizenship in Singapore (PR). More than 95% of experts are expected to have obtained their PR title using this method.

Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme

The “Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme” was established to expand the stock of potential and boost the creative norms of Singapore’s entertainment landscape. If overseas artists want to settle in Singapore or call it one of their homes, the Program can help them qualify for Singaporean PR status.

Living in Singapore as an Expat

Residents from all over the globe migrate to Singapore in significant amounts every year. Here is usually considered Asia’s friendliest city for immigrants to settle into, offering outsiders the chance to learn about diverse civilizations in a reasonably secure and contemporary setting. 

This country is an excellent place to establish a family, and the excellent standard of education, affordable homecare, and strong protection make raising kids here much better than any other place.

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