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Singapore: work permit guide

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In fact, according to the Singapore Salary & Employment Insights Study by recruiting company Hudson, roughly 53% of businesses questioned plan to raise salaries by 3–5% in the following year. If this seems appealing to you, you should plan a trip to Singapore.

Nevertheless, to operate lawfully in Singapore, you should have a legitimate work permit. All work permits, except the Personalized Employment Pass (PEP), are related to the business. As a result, any modification in your working status will necessitate a modification in your employment permit. Your qualifications and skills determine your visa possibilities. This post will go through the three most frequent methods for experts in Singapore to cooperate.


If you’re a specialist or a white-collar worker

Qualifying for the Personalized Work Permit would be beneficial to you (PEP). The PEP is not tied to any particular company and lets you explore possibilities in Singapore without jeopardizing your permit’s duration. If you have a PEP, you can reside in Singapore for six months during occupations to look for other opportunities.

The drawback is that the PEP is only good for three years and cannot be renewed. You must be a present EP bearer or an abroad candidate who has not been jobless for more than six months at the moment of registration to be eligible. You must also receive a regular income of S$144,000 annually, equating to at least S$12,000 for Singapore-based candidates and S$18,000 for international candidates.


Work Permit for Professional, Managers, and Executives (PME)

First and foremost, find work. Your company has the authority to apply for a work permit on your account. The EP may be issued to you based on your skills and abilities. To be eligible for the EP, you must make a stable income of $4,500 or $5,000 per month in the finance system and have an excellent education.

The S Pass is a sort of work permit for mid-level professional employees hired by Singapore-based enterprises. The MOM evaluates the Singapore S Pass request using a scoring structure that considers all of the essential variables: Income, educational credentials, abilities, nature of employment, and working history are all factors to consider. To be eligible for the S Pass, you must have a monthly income of at least $2,500.


Apply as a Singapore working permit holder’s relative

You are probably in possession of a Dependant’s Permit if you moved to Singapore with your partner or relatives, who are EP or PEP owners. You can operate in Singapore without an employment permit if you have a DP. However, for you to operate lawfully, your boss must file for a LOC. The perk is that there is no price for applying for a LOC if you come to Singapore on a Long-term Visit Pass (LTVP).

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Criteria for Singapore Work Pass

Worker Pass

You work as an expert, a supervisor, an administrator, or a technologist. You’ve received a job proposal from a company in Singapore. You are a Singaporean businessman or operating CEO who wishes to move to manage your corporation’s activities.


  • A certificate or bachelor’s from a recognized institution
  • Skills as an expert, consultant, or educator
  • Job skills that are related
  • Great job description, pay, and history
  • Excellent past performance as a worker, large paid-up equity, and taxes


Business Pass

You’re a technology entrepreneur or the creator of an R&D-intensive business, and you’re set to start the latest private limited corporation.


  • Register a Private Limited Corporation that has been cooperating for almost six months.
  • You must own at least 30% of the firm’s stock.
  • Have appropriate skills and strong past performance in starting and running a firm.
  • Evidence of a minimum of $50,000 is paid in cash for the prospective business.
  • Share a 10-page marketing strategy outlining corporate aims and targets.



You’re a technical expert or a high-ranking executive.


  • A required yearly stable income of $144,000 is required.
  • Foreign experts who have not been jobless for six months and previously received a set wage of $18,000.


Dependents Pass

You’ve moved to Singapore with your husband or wife and wish to operate there.


  • Your potential boss will have to request a Letter of Consent (LOC) with MOM before you start working

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