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Getting an employment visa: Work permit in Finland

Great job opportunities are available in Finland. Finland is the eighth-richest nation in Europe, and a lot of individuals would welcome the chance to work there. However, foreign nationals must get a work visa for Finland in order to freely work there.

The fact that the work visa is a long-term authorization and permits the bearer to stay for longer than the standard 90-day maximum sets it apart from other visas.

Qualifications for a work visa in Finland

In order to be eligible for a work visa in Finland, one should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have an active employment contract.
  • Should be university-educated (except for seasonal work).
  • Professional work in your sector is required.
  • Should be free from all felony charges.
  • You cannot pose a threat to Finland.
  • Abide by all laws in Finland.
  • In the Schengen Area, you cannot be subject to any travel restrictions.
  • To be eligible for a specialist visa, you must be a highly qualified worker.
  • Have permission to practice your occupation in order to get welfare and medical treatment.
  • You are self-employed in the following ways if you need an entrepreneur visa:
  1. A private businessperson.
  2. A private businessperson.
  3. A general partnership’s partner.
  4. A limited partnership’s general partner.
  5. A co-op member with unrestricted liability for refinancing.
  6. An owner of a restricted liability company.
  • You need a start-up plan and financial backing to qualify for a start-up visa.
  • You must earn more than the average wage to qualify for a specialist visa and an EU Blue Card.
  • Be very competent to finish the necessary work.
  • You must have a current certificate verifying your researcher status in order to be granted a researcher visa.
  • You must be between the ages of 17 and 30 to work as an au pair.

How to apply for a work visa for Finland

The actions you must take to apply for a work visa in Finland are listed below:

  • Get a job.
  • Make a work permit application.
  • Visit a Finnish mission in the area.
  • Await a response.
  • Visit Finland.

You must work in that country before you can submit an application for a work visa. Along with the rest of the application, a valid job contract must be shown. You won’t get a favorable response on your visa if you aren’t working.

Request a work permit

You can apply for a work permit once you have a job lined up over there. You have two options for applying for the permit: 

  • Online using the e-service
  • on paper. 

The electronic services applications are simpler to use.

Visit the regional Finnish mission

The original documents that you included in your forms for the e-service must be submitted here (passport, civil documents, travel insurance, and so on). Additionally, you will be required to provide your fingerprints. When you applied for the e-service, you also had to pay a cost. If by accident, you submitted your application, you must go to an Immigration Service service location there. Bring your application and all of your required documentation if you submitted your application on paper, and pay the money when you hand it in.

Await a response

You should be aware that there are two ways your inquiry will be handled. First, your application will be processed by an Employment and Economic Development Office, which will also render a partial judgment. The Finnish Immigration Service will then complete your application and make a determination. You cannot visit Finland to wait for a decision if you submitted your application from outside. Even if your visa expires, you can still wait for the decision if you were in Finland. If you submitted your forms on paper, the Immigration Office in Finland will send the decision to your local Finnish mission in your country of residence, which will then notify you either by email or postal mail. If you submitted your application online, you will be notified of the decision through the e-service.

Once it arrives, you can pick up your residence permit based on employment and go to Finland. Your residence permit will be mailed to the embassy in your country.

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