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Getting an employment visa: work permit in Estonia

In Estonia, there is no such thing as a specific “work permission”. If your employer has registered your temporary employment and your stay is legal (e.g, you have a D-visa), you are permitted to work there as long as you also have a valid (temporary) residence permit.

You do not need a visa to enter Estonia if you are a citizen of the EU, EEA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway), or Switzerland. Simply register as an Estonian resident in the population registry of Estonia within the first three months of your stay if you want to work in Estonia for more than three months. You have one month from the date of registration to apply for an Estonian ID card.

Flag of Estonia

Requirements for obtaining a work visa for Estonia

You must fulfill the following requirements in order to apply for an Estonian work visa:

  • Prior to hiring you, your company must register you with the Estonian police.
  • A legitimate employment contract is required.
  • For the desired job, you must meet the necessary qualifications.
  • You must be in decent physical shape.

Estonia’s regulations for work visas

The conditions for obtaining an Estonian work visa are as follows:

Genuine passport

Your passport must have two blank pages and be good for at least three months beyond the date of return. Include a copy of any prior visas you may have had, if applicable, and check the state of your passport.

A pair of passport-size pictures

The images had to be from the previous six months. They must be photographed in color against a white background.

A request form

Complete the online application form. Make sure to choose the long-stay D visa option and to fill out the application completely and accurately. Print a physical copy after you’ve finished it, then sign it at the bottom.

Payment of fees

You must pay for your visa application after completing the application form. When you present the documents at the consulate or embassy, you can pay. With other needed documents, affix the payment receipt.

Health protection

certification of your legal health insurance. Your health insurance must be up to €30.000 in coverage and be valid throughout the entire Schengen region. You will be covered by Estonian health insurance after you enter the country.

Evidence of accommodation

A document demonstrating that you have lodging while visiting Estonia. This record could be a lease or contract, an invitation letter, etc.

Resume letter

The cover letter should introduce the sender to the embassy. As a result, you must be specific about why you are visiting Estonia.

Criminal history

This document, which attests to your absence of any criminal history, must be made public by the police in your home nation.

Work agreement

The nature of the work you’ll be conducting in Estonia must be specified in the employment contract. It has to mention things like your pay, how long you worked, etc. This paper serves as proof that you have employment lined up in Estonia.

Documentation proving one’s qualifications

These records attest to your suitability for the position for which you have applied. It contains:

  • A diploma from your level of schooling.
  • A resume.
  • Your license to drive, if any, etc.

Employment registration in Estonia

Your temporary job must be registered in Estonia by your employer. With this document, you are permitted to work in Estonia up until your residence permit arrives.

You must provide your employer with:

  • A copy of your passport. 
  • A photo, plus all necessary personal information before they may apply for your short-term employment register. 
  • The ID code: An 11-digit number used to identify your data in Estonia.

How to apply for a work visa at an Estonian embassy or consulate

The following are the guidelines on how to apply for an Estonian work visa:

Make an appointment

Make an appointment with the Estonian embassy or consulate that is the closest to your home country. At your visa appointment, you might need to go through an interview, so be on time.

Provide the necessary documents

The next step is to gather and provide all the required paperwork to the Estonian embassy. The paperwork must adhere to and satisfy all diplomatic criteria.

Wait for a response after completing all the processes

The embassy or consulate will reply to you with the outcome of your visa application. They’ll get in touch with you by text or email.

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