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Estonia – find work in 2021

Find the job - Estonia

Next, you will find out how to find a job in Estonia, consider the most affordable vacancies in the local labor market in 2021 and outline the main ways of finding a job for a foreigner.

Why work in Estonia?

The unemployment rate in Estonia is 7.7%. This is the average among EU countries. In fact, that is less than other Baltic States countries.

Therefore, work in Estonia for foreigners in 2021, with the proper level of perseverance and motivation, is an achievable goal. In the case of long-term employment pay your attention to the sphere of information technology and road transportation. However, for short-term earnings, the agricultural work will be suitable for you.

A big advantage will be the presence of a diploma from one of the Estonian universities and knowledge of the local language; even English may not be enough for successful employment. 

The population of Estonia in 2021 is just over 1.3 million people. This small but rather prosperous state is considered one of the safest and most comfortable places to live not only in Europe but also in the world.

How to go to work in Estonia in 2021?

Despite the rather acceptable level of unemployment, in comparison with other European countries, the Estonian authorities are interested in ensuring maximum employment, primarily of residents. Besides, EU citizens have the right to work in Estonia without special restrictions. The foreigners from other countries can apply for the position if there aren’t EU specialists there.  

All this testifies to the high level of competition that foreign workers face. For this category of applicants, a prerequisite is the preliminary search and approval of a vacancy in an Estonian company, obtaining a work permit from local authorities, obtaining a work visa and a residence permit at the Estonian Consulate in your country.

However, the number of the able-bodied population of Estonia is gradually decreasing, the economy, on the contrary, is growing, and young people, in turn, tend to leave for more developed European countries. Therefore, Estonia is looking for both highly qualified specialists and temporary workers.

In case of a successful search for a vacancy and signing an employment contract with a local employer, as well as an affirmative decision of the Estonian Unemployment Office to hire a foreigner, the applicant applies to the Estonian Consulate with a corresponding application for a temporary residence permit based on employment. Usually, the period for consideration of the application takes no more than 2 months.

Continuous official residence in Estonia for 5 years will allow you to obtain the status of a permanent resident, and in the future, to issue an Estonian passport. A prior work permit does not require for the next categories of international workers:

  • Holders of a long-term residence permit from one of the EU countries;
  • Accredited journalists;
  • Teachers of Estonian universities;
  • Athletes, coaches, referees, and some creative professionals;
  • Estonian university graduates;
  • Managers and senior managers of foreign companies in Estonia;
  • Holders of the EU Blue Card;
  • Scientists for research work;
  • Top-level specialists;
  • Seasonal workers in agriculture.

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Basic requirements for foreign workers

There are some requirements for foreigners. 


In most cases, knowledge of the Estonian language is required to fill a decent job in Estonia. An exception may be international companies or unskilled labor.


Workers should have the necessary qualifications and experience. The diplomas of foreign specialists should be recognized in European Union.

Wage level

Usually, to get a residence permit in Estonia for employment, the salary level of a foreign specialist must be at least the average annual rate in the country.

Job search without intermediaries

We recommend starting a job search in Estonia by visiting the official Estonian resource Apart from job offers directly, you can find a lot of information about various aspects of life in Estonia. Next, we move on to specialized resources.

Popular Estonian job search site

  • CV-Onlines
  • CV Market

International Employment Resources

Estonian newspapers

  • Eesti Ekspress
  • Eesti Päevaleht

Moreover, you should be active on the professional social network Go to job fairs whenever possible. Carefully study the sample resumes and cover letters directly under the Estonian employer. It is very important to use all of the above resources together. In this case, a positive result will be.

Jobs and salary

In 2021, the average net salary in Estonia is 1,160 euros per month. The salary in Estonia is higher than in Latvia, Litva, and Poland. 

Also, in recent years, there has been a constant increase in the minimum wage in Estonia. From 320 euros per month in 2013 to 584 euros from 1 January 2020.

Available vacancies in Estonia in 2021 for foreigners, according to the latest research from various employment agencies, are viewed for the following employees:

  • IT specialists;
  • builders;
  • representatives of technical professions;
  • motor vehicle drivers;
  • business and management managers;
  • education and health workers;
  • various types of unskilled labor.

The best city to find a job in is Tallinn. Because the capital of Estonia is concentrated on a lot of business and work opportunities. Information technology occupies a separate place among the popular vacancies in Estonia. Every year the country is making significant progress in this area and in 2021 the demand for experienced specialists will only increase.

Vacancies in the tourism industry are quite common. Mostly young and energetic people are required, and one of the conditions is knowledge of English. Foreign workers are welcome to season work in Estonia. You don’t need a special diploma or knowledge of the Estonian language.

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