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Getting an employment visa: Work Permit in Egypt 

Several immigrants with work permits work in Egypt. Therefore, the response to the question, “Do I need a visa to work in Egypt?” is a resounding yes! Employers and enterprises like yours can use this guide to learn how to get an Egypt work visa.

Your employees can lawfully work in Egypt for a set length of time if they have an Egypt work permit. You must follow all of the laws and regulations outlined in your work permit while in Egypt.

Additionally, you must contact the immigration office if you intend to extend the employees’ stay. For instance, you can get a work visa for Egypt from Nigeria if the employees are traveling to Egypt from Nigeria for work.

Many businesses that decide to expand into Egypt want to get up and running quickly with a foreign-speaking workforce. Unfortunately, Egypt’s work visa application process is lengthy, and some applications can take up to a year or more to be processed. Understanding how to acquire a work visa in Egypt is essential for a successful expansion.

Types of Work visas in Egypt

The following are some of the many visa options available in Egypt:

Work visa

A foreign national’s visa, such as a temporary/tourist visa, will be converted to a work visa once they have a work permit.

Temporary/tourist visa

This option is a 30-day single-entry tourist visa that may be obtained at Egyptian airports and is renewable. It’s also the type of visa that people need to work.

Ordinary visa

An ordinary visa is valid for three to five years and grants a resident permit to an employee’s spouse for the time specified on their work permit.

Special visa

The special visa is only available to ex-pats who were born in Egypt before May 26, 1952, or who have lived in Egypt for more than 20 years after then. It has a ten-year validity period and can be renewed.

Foreign nationals need to obtain a work permit before they can legally work in the country. Obtaining a temporary or tourist visa and turning it into a work visa is the first step. If the employee applies to the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration, the process can result in a work permit. A clean bill of health and proof of prospective employees will also be required.

Requirements to obtain Egypt work visas

Employers in Egypt are encouraged to hire Egyptians instead than foreigners, which could affect work permits. Egypt also has a quota system, so work permit restrictions could affect your employees. Non-Egyptian employees, for example, should not account for more than 10% of the total workforce and 20% of total payroll in any company.

If no Egyptian nationals are qualified for a particular post, your international employees might apply for a one-year work permit. They can renew it for up to three years after that. Each employee must obtain a security clearance from Egypt’s National Security Agency before applying for a work permit. There are also the following requirements:

  • A current passport
  • Photocopies of seven passport-size pictures
  • Two copies of the incorporation contract for your business
  • Two duplicates of the employee’s tax identification card
  • Two copies of the person’s academic certificates and degrees
  • A duplicate of your business’s commercial register
  • If applicable, a license to practice the profession
  • A letter justifying your decision to hire a foreigner.
  • Permission from the relevant authority
  • Proof that a firm representative applied for the work permit on the employee’s behalf.
  • An HIV test that is negative
  • Paid 1,000 EGP in permit fees.

Application Process 

After a request for a work permit has been authorized, the Ministry of Labor and Immigration will notify the nearest Egyptian consulate to issue a tourist visa. Then, your employees may travel to Egypt and apply for a four to a six-week work permit. If they file the proper paperwork for a work permit, they may work throughout this period.

Other important points to consider

After landing in Egypt, all personnel must register with the Egyptian police. The government suggests approaching the tourist police, who are dressed in white uniforms during the summer. Employees can handle this task as soon as they arrive at their hotel.

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