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Living in China – expat life 

Everyone who moves to a new country eventually goes through “cultural shock”, and China is no different. There are quite a few things you will need to adjust to while going to China, whether it is the sheer number of people, the strange food, or even the language barrier. However, your experience of settling in the country will be less stressful and daunting if you know what to expect and what to prepare for. You could find it extremely difficult to leave this great country once you get to appreciate and understand its quirks. What is it like for foreigners to live in China, then? Let’s investigate.

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Attention from the locals

Foreigners are typically welcomed and treated with great warmth by Chinese people. This frequently results in extensive preferential treatment. To encourage your business, you can be asked to a meal at someone’s home, given free beverages in a pub, or offered discounts on meals. Along with receiving special treatment, you shouldn’t be surprised if strangers approach you and ask to take pictures with you, especially in smaller cities where foreigners are less common. Chinese people are enthusiastic when they see outsiders, and they frequently go above and above to show that they are interested and want to talk.

Language barrier

Speaking of “wai guo ren”, that gets us nicely to the following issue: the communication gap. While there are a few situations in which it may be advantageous, there are just as many situations in which it may be problematic to not speak Chinese. You may first find it extremely annoying to place meal orders, reserve rail or airline tickets, or even purchase groceries. It is unlikely that you will be able to find your way around a bank or hospital on your first visit without assistance from a Chinese individual. As a result, especially in the beginning when you are still figuring things out, you might need to rely on friends or nice strangers to assist you.

Therefore, learning Even a little will make a big difference. Even if you don’t speak Chinese and have no intention of learning it, several apps and technological advancements will the language is a need if you want to be at ease in China. assist you to overcome the language barrier and increase your sense of independence. 

Technology advancement

Because China is one of the world’s top inventors in technology, everyone finds it to be quite convenient to live here. To see this, all you need is WeChat, Meituan, or Taobao on your phone. If you use these tips to get around China every day, you won’t need to learn Chinese.

You can use WeChat to pay your rent, add money to your phone, book a plane ticket, buy things in stores, and make an appointment with your doctor. You can order food delivery to your home or workplace, book spa appointments, hail a taxi, request cleaning services, or purchase Shanghai Disneyland tickets through Meituan.


Cost of Living

Ever wished you could save money? China is the ideal location for you! China is a country where your money goes a lot further, especially outside of the major cities. For comparison, a bottle of water costs the same as 0.30 USD, whereas a dish of fried rice costs about 2 USD. The cost of living is fairly reasonable here. In your home nation, do you make long commutes to work? Renting an apartment close to your place of employment is, fortunately, fairly affordable and convenient in China. You may easily rent a large flat on your own because apartment prices are substantially lower than in western nations.

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