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Europe’s largest amusement parks

However, besides the wide spaces, there are also other criteria that describe those places such as their main themes, annual attendance rates, best adventures and outdoor activities, etc.

Europe’s biggest attraction parks locations

Sometimes, many of the attractions are also called European coaster kings. Practically, each country of Europe has its own best-known attraction park for children, teenagers and adults, therefore, it is reasonable to describe those which are the most prominent in Europe’s biggest countries, starting from France, Germany, Spain, and ending with such countries as Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria.

Disneyland in France

Of course, Disneyland is the most significant place of all, probable, for every person who ever visited amusement parks. It has 2 theme parks and 7 hotels. The whole area has a look of a fairytale and has lots of themed lands, castle, classic rides, fireworks, pyro and fountains. The most visited themed attractions are Pirates of the Caribbean, the Tea Cups, Thunder mountain, the Star Wars hyperspace mountain, and Dumbo the flying elephant. Furthermore, you can enhance your experience by enjoying the French lifestyle.

Legoland Billund in Denmark

Any child can always remember his or her birthday in Legoland. Located in Denmark, this place has enormous attractions. This is the original version of Legoland created in the early 1960s next to the Lego factory. It has toy sets, 50 rides, 9 themed lands for children under 12 and older. The best are Duplo land, the Haunted house, the Crazy scientist, Polar land, Penguin bay, Miniland, Pirate land and the Imagination zone with an aquarium.

Europa Park in Germany

This is the largest attraction park in Germany which also has a great variety of attractions as there are basically all the possible ones starting from roller coasters and ending with water rides. The place has great food outlets, accommodation and evening entertainment. The park has more than 100 different attractions with 15 themed areas, 13 roller coasters and virtuality world pearls such as Adventure land and Grimm’s enchanted forest.

Efteling in the Netherlands

Efteling is not only the biggest but also the most iconic park in the Netherlands. This park focuses on such masterpieces of art as fairy tales of Charles Perrault, H.C.Andersen and the Brothers Grimm. The best attractions there are considered to be the Fairytale forest, the Flying Dutchman, Baron, Vogel Rok and Joris en de Draak. In general, it has 29 fairytale theme areas, including the Ruigrijk and the Marerijk which are the most exciting ones.

PortAventura in Spain

Spain also has its heroes when it comes to amusement parks, one of which is referred to as PortAventura. This is the most visited park in Spain. The park is huge, having 6 theme areas, separate Ferrari park, the Furius Baco, Hurakan condor, the Shambhal and Dragon Kahn roller coasters. It is also the biggest resort in South Europe.

Gardaland in Italy

This park mixes together the incredible thematic attractions and an amazing life aquarium called the Garda sea life aquarium. The most visited attraction are Gardaland sea life, Gardaland hotel and various mechanical rides. In general, it has 40 themed fish tanks and includes such popular attractions as the Blue tornado roller coaster, the Shaman and the Mammut.

Tivoli Gardens in Denmark

This park is also the second oldest park in Europe. This place has stunning views in the form of antique structures. It also is famous for its iron gates, painted rides, performances and tree illuminations with fairy lights on the grounds.

Pleasure Beach in the UK

This place in Blackpool has 12 amazing rides, including the legendary Big One, the Nickelodeon Land and the Wallace and Gromit’s thrill-o-matic. It is also a show friendly and price-friendly park in the whole UK.

Vienna Prater in Austria

This is a large structure with millions of square meters. The most prominent attractions there are the Madamme Tussauds greenery, the swing ride and the giant wheel. In general, it has several striking merry-go-rounds, cafes, bowling alleys and cinemas. The park was first mentioned in 1162 under the reign of Friedrich I. You can also visit several other great attractions in Austria.

Gröna Lund in Sweden

It is the oldest park in Sweden. This park has over 30 attractions. It also organizes summer concerts. It is famous for its unique, magnificent and capturing location with the buildings from the 19 century.

Walibi in Belgium

This is considered to be a leisure park for families with street animations, aquatic park and 16 attractions for children, as well as their parents, of all ages. The most significant attractions are Radja river and the Calamity ride.

Biggest amusement park corporations

When it comes to the largest amusement park corporations which provide an opportunity to visit the famous attractions, a few largest attraction providers can be mentioned according to their annual revenue. These are:

  • Walt Disney Attractions (US);
  • OCT Parks China, Fantawild;
  • Universal parks and resorts (US);
  • Merlin Entertainments (UK);
  • Chimelog Group (China);
  • SeaWorld parks and entertainment (US);
  • Six Flags Inc;
  • Cedar Fair Entertainment Company;
  • Parques Reunidos (Spain).

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