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Life of French people

French lifestyle
Eiffel tower in France

France and its landmarks are among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Landmarks throughout this country offer beautiful and differentiated views across the whole country. Tourists and residents rarely get bored with its beauty. People of France are described as formal and high class. The typical French are well dressed, value good appearances, and manners.

Every region in France has its own charm and residents living in regions can tell about the differences in landmarks, wine, traditions, people and their characters.

French life quality

The average life expectancy in France is about 82,5 years, according to information from 2016. Until the year 2018, life expectancy increased to  82,9. This is higher than in Germany and the United States of America.

The quality of life in France is rated high according to the quality of life index. Country has high quality healthcare and good climate. Cost of living in France is moderate. So is safety rate and pollution level.

French people have a better work-life balance than in the United States or Asian countries, for example. French people have generous vacation times and rarely work after working hours.

French value quality food, like vegetables and fruits as well as good quality bakery items all around the country. The food and dining is slow and peaceful as French people cook their own meals and drink a glass of wine to accompany certain food.

Property outside the capital – Paris – is usually cheaper than in other parts of Europe. The land and a small, average house in the countryside is affordable with the average salary rates.

Lifestyle of French people

Street in France with creperie

Cornerstones of French lifestyle include enjoying life and cooking fine meals. Usual French lifestyle consists of going to farmers market to pick up fresh produce and prepare home cooked meal.

French people are core minimalists as mostly they aren’t influenced by consumerism like in other developed countries. The houses and apartments tend to be smaller in France which makes it easier to toss out anything that doesn’t bring value. However, the rules are different when it comes to fashion.

Clothing in France is another huge topic as Paris is one of the fashion capitals. People in France tend to spend a lot of money on high-end clothing from designers in quality shops. A typical French woman has few outstanding pieces and the rest is more neutral.

French enjoy art and design. So it is only understandable that Paris has one of the most visited art galleries in the world – Louvre. This makes Paris the capital of art and a city where the top artists and designers live and work. French know this fact as well as tourists, therefore the art is an important addition to any apartment.

French tend to look slim and healthy as they never have the urge to eat fast food as it is in other countries. The slow pace of the country leads to cherished meals and more energetic people which in general means healthy and happy people.

Advantages of living in France

There are many advantages for people who live and work in France. One of the main ones tend to be the affordable property market. French people who choose to live outside the capital can enjoy a wide range of cheap real estate that in comparison to other developed countries is affordable.

French have a thought-out system to encourage innovations and new companies which makes it a friendly country to try out new business ideas.

France has a very developed education system which makes it one of the best countries in Europe to get higher education. It has thought-out practices and aspects that some universities and schools don’t pay much attention to. This includes meals and choice of food during lunch break, after-school care, etc.

Disadvantages of living in France

French are not keen on English language as the natives like to speak only in French even when there are foreigners around. This often seems like a rude thing to do, but French value their culture to a great extent.

Houses in France are generally older than in the rest of Europe. Therefore, they have a bigger chance to break down as the housing is left as it is. This is often done to preserve cultural aspects in architecture. Another important thing to know is that owning a house means that you have to pay an annual housing tax that depends on the area it is located in.

In France the fuel for car is very expensive. So are most other commodities in people’s lives. That is why French prefer to use public transport to get around the city to save more money.

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