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Top destinations in Malaysia

These Malaysian destinations include Kuala’s Lumpur city centre, Damansara heights in Bangsar, Penang island, Taman national park in Malay, Tioman island, bungalows of Bangsar, Desa Sri Hartamas, the residential district of Mont Kiara.

City centre (Kuala Lumpur)

This place is good for work. KLCC as it is called also has best accomodation opportunities for expats, including various fully-furnished condominiums, apartments with on site fitness halls, swimming pools, which are comfortably situated in a central location of Kuala Lumpur. The city also has world-class shopping malls within walking distance, the entertainment district and a city pearl called the golden triangle.

Damansara heights (Bangsar)

Damansara heights are considered to be the Beverly hills of the city. These mid valley heights look like a leafy neighbourhood, located within a 15 minute walk from the KLCC and surrounded by gated communities and international schools. This is a good place for living with the family.

Penang island (west coast of Malaysia)

Penang is a rather large island located on the west coast of the country. It is amongst the best places in Malaysia that you have to see. Some time ago it gained popularity due to its title given to it by the UNESCO world heritage site. The island has many heritage zones and now it has plenty of opportunities to offer for entertainment and relaxation such as visiting a seaside fort, museums, discovering historic homes, as well as enjoying the famous street food scene, various cafes serving most delicious street food of all types at the waterfront esplanade.

Taman Negara national park (Kuala Tahan)

Today this is the oldest national park in Malaysia which also has one of the world’s most ancient tropical rainforests, the great canopy, stunning waterfalls with trekking, rafting, bird spotting, fishing as well as the night safari opportunities. Therefore, this place is ideal for spending free time with those who love active, healthy and adventurous lifestyle.

Tioman island (east coast of Malaysia)

This place is located near Singapore. It suits those who like diving as this sport is offered at relatively cheap prices here. The place also has very beautiful and abundant nature, offering many eye catching beaches surrounded by jungle and suitable, also, for budget travellers going for a jungle hike or boat swimming.

Bungalows of Bangsar (Bangsar)

This place is meant for a peaceful relaxation. It has beautiful bungalows which are considered to be the best neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur among with houses, condos and other beautifully decorated homes. The place has its own unique atmosphere, no bustle or noise, only local as well as the mid-range restaurants and several shops surrounding it. Therefore, the place is most suitable for expats who are living together – the couples, who don’t need to study or work in a particular professional field.

Desa Sri Hartamas (Mont Kiara)

One more place for peaceful relaxation is Desa Sri Hartamas. It is a place which is referred to as a hotspot for western as well as the eastern expats after it has undergone a major redevelopment in the end of the 20th century. It is located next to the Mont Kiara and has 4 expressways, providing comfortable as well as quick access to the city centre, houses, green spaces, club areas as well as various spa facilities are also located nearby.

The residential district of Mont Kiara (Mont Kiara)

This place suits well those expats and travellers who wish to settle in a good apartment and have a high-end accommodation to suit his or her lifestyle. It is ideal for long-term residents, moving with kids as it has international schools and family hotspots, surrounded by the eloquent suburban environment with shopping malls, even supermarkets and places of entertainment.

Danum valley (Sabah)

This place is perfect for expats who are into ecotourism as it has an untouched jungle, a hundred years old lowland dipterocarp forest, representing great biodiversity of species of flora and fauna. It is possible to see elephants, orangutans as well as even leopards while walking inside the protected area and having jungle treks or night safaris as well as visiting ancient burial sites.

Historical city of Ipoh (Perak)

This place has a great historical heritage. Ipoh faced a tourist boom in 2017 and gained a name – the city of bougainvillea due to its beautiful natural surroundings. The place has various colonial buildings surrounded by limestone hills, buddhist as well as hindu cave temples, a castle, colonial mansion and a great location as it is easy reachable and convenient to stay in.

Cameron highlands (Titiwangsa mountains)

This place is considered to be the oldest tourist destination in Malaysia. It has beautiful natural gardens, lakes and forests, stunning wildlife suitable for a great outdoor recreation opportunity. Also, these highlands are surrounded with flower farms and tea plantations open to the public eye as well as golf courses offered for golfers and expats who really enjoy this kind of sport.

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