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Dominican Republic – live of immigrants

Flag of Dominican Republic

Any migrant with an average income can immigrate to the Dominican Republic.

Immigrant life

All doubts about the life of an immigrant in the Dominican Republic are groundless. Living in the Dominican Republic as a resident is quite simple. Here are Top 6 reasons why:

  1. The first thing that speaks in favor of immigration to this particular republic is affordable and comfortable living conditions. This convenience is due to the government’s loyalty to migrants, and also attracts:
  2. The warm and comfortable climate of the country.
  3. Amazing atmosphere of calmness, lack of rush, and fuss.
  4. Ability to travel without a visa to Japan and Korea.
  5. Affordable housing prices, simple procedure for purchasing real estate.
  6. A stable economy accelerated GDP growth.


Real estate – buy or rent?

So, the first question for an immigrant is: where to live? Do not rush to buy an apartment, house, villa. Even if you have the financial ability to do so. Start by renting a home. Even if you decide to live in the country, you may not be guessing about the area. To avoid selling your purchased property, rent it first.

During this time, you will take a closer look at where you like most in the Dominican Republic, understand the features, and explore new areas. Just a few months will be enough to understand which housing and in which area of ​​the Dominican Republic suits you best. After that, you can already decide on the acquisition of homeownership.


white and brown concrete buildings under white clouds during daytime

Work for immigrants

It is also very easy for an immigrant to find a job there. Of course, it is advisable to learn Spanish, then you will not face any restrictions at all. Firstly, the tourism industry. Private business needs assistants, tour operators need guides, any hotel needs staff.

You can practically apply for any job. In the Dominican Republic, like everywhere else, shop assistants, security guards, teachers, drivers, builders are required.

The average salary for these specialties is $ 300-500 per month. In tourism, the income is higher – $ 500 per month. It is much more profitable to open your own business in the Dominican Republic and work for yourself. The Dominican Republic is a low-tax jurisdiction, the government supports entrepreneurs willing to invest in the economy of the republic. Therefore, there are good prospects and opportunities for businessmen.

Better yet, additionally have a source of passive income at home or work remotely. Then nothing will stop you from enjoying life in the Dominican Republic.


Food prices

Another important expense that an immigrant needs to consider is the cost of food. Cheap local fruits – the offer is large and the prices are reasonable. 

But branded clothing, appliances, and other household items in the Dominican Republic are quite expensive since they are exported from the United States and therefore have a high margin.


Gasoline prices

While living in the Dominican Republic, you will regularly move around the island. Therefore, take into account the prices for travel in transport, as well as how much gasoline costs.

So, public transport costs $ 1. If you need to travel between a city bus, the ticket price is $ 10. Gasoline in the Dominican Republic is not cheap. The cost of 1 liter is $ 1.2.


Education and health care

This issue is also very relevant for immigrants. Let’s face it, there is education on the island, but its level is low. There are few highly qualified teachers, and, accordingly, the quality of teaching is lame. It is best to immigrate if the children have already graduated from school. Or the second option is to consider the possibility of getting an education in the United States.

Medicine in the Dominican Republic is paid. Of course, they will help you to cope with simple diseases, but for something more serious, you can always go to the USA for treatment, where they are guaranteed to help you.

Important advice for an immigrant in the Dominican Republic! When planning a trip or moving to the Dominican Republic, be sure to buy a health insurance policy. With it, you can contact a medical facility for help at any time.


palm trees on beach shore during daytime

Ecology and infrastructure

The main advantage of the Dominican Republic is, of course, the environment. Great climate, clean humid air, warm all year round, great landscapes. No wonder it was in the Dominican Republic that the advertisement “Bounty – heavenly delight” was shot.

Of course, there are disadvantages and problems, in the republic, it is bad with the garbage disposal, poor water quality, it is easy to pick up an intestinal infection.



This characteristic of life in the Dominican Republic is not in favor of immigration. The crime rate in the country is high, on this basis, in the Dominican Republic, the law is allowed to carry weapons.

In general, immigration to a given country can be justified. This is a beautiful resort, a sunny country that offers many opportunities for immigrants.

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