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Relocation to Dominican Republic

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The legislation of the republic identifies five reasons for migration.

Buying a property

This is the most common way to move to the Dominican Republic. Having bought and registered the ownership of an apartment or villa, you can immediately start collecting documents and applying for a residence permit.

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This path is chosen by wealthy immigrants. The advantage of this method is that the applicant for a residence permit does not need knowledge of the Spanish language, special professional qualities, and does not need to stay in the country without a break. Requirements for an applicant for residence permit status are minimal and not burdensome.

However, the minimum investment amount is quite high and amounts to 200 thousand dollars. The investment object is a local business. Together with the investor, his family can also receive a residence permit and permanent residence in the Dominican Republic.



You can also immigrate to the Dominican Republic by marrying a resident. But this method is not as simple as it seems. Immigrants applying for citizenship are carefully screened. Fictitious marriage is easy to calculate.

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Restoring family links

If you have a Dominican relative, then you can immediately apply for permanent residence. You must provide a document confirming family links.


Open a business

It is also a reliable way to immigrate, but very costly. Although the procedure for registering a company on the island by a foreigner is rather simplified. From the conditions – to create a working enterprise and provide only one job for a native of the republic. The travel business is the most common destination for foreign immigrants.


What is the easiest way to immigrate to the Dominican Republic?

After assessing your capabilities, and having clearly defined the direction for immigration, we propose to find out how the process of legalizing your stay and life in a tropical paradise is going on from the legal side.


First step – Migration visa

The visa process takes 2-4 weeks. The document is valid for 60 days. Documents to be provided include:

  • Foreign passport valid for at least 1.5 years before its expiration
  • Photo 4 * 5 cm.
  • Medical certificate form 86 / y, with translation into Spanish
  • Bank statement and statement of the movement of funds for the last 6 months, with translation into Spanish.
  • Birth certificate. Apostilled, translated into Spanish
  • A police clearance certificate must also be apostilled and translated.
  • Marriage certificate, apostilled and translated into Spanish.


Second step – residence permit

If you have an immigration visa, you can apply for a residence permit. The second stage is the preparation of documents and their submission to the Immigration Service to obtain a residence and a seat. The key points of registration of this status are:

  • collection of documents;
  • passing a medical examination;
  • data verification at Interpol.

During a personal visit to the Dominican Republic, the client provides the lawyer with the originals of the documents. The lawyer carries out the registration of the applicant and also submits documents to the relevant department of the Migration Service.


The last step –  obtain permanent residence and citizenship

For permanent residency, you will have to update your documents. Provide:

  • application for permanent residence;
  • new medical examination;
  • the basis for residence in the country – residence permit;
  • certificate of residence in the country for a year;
  • certificate of absence of offenses.


This procedure is carried out quickly and comfortably because most of the documents have already been collected at the time of registration of the residence permit. As a result, you receive a permanent resident card (permanent residence immigration card) and a second Cedula card. 

Many immigrants stop for permanent residence and this is more than enough for them. But if you need to have a passport of a citizen of the Dominican Republic, then you will have to:

  • Live in the Dominican Republic for 2 years with permanent residence status;
  • Prepare documents again:
  • Citizenship Application;
  • New medical examination;
  • Grounds for residence in the country – permanent residence;
  • Certificate of residence in the country for two years;
  • Certificate of the absence of offenses.



Get an interview. An applicant applying for the status of a citizen of the country must do well in testing for knowledge of the Spanish language, the history of the Dominican Republic. A successful interview leads directly to the taking of the oath, and a newly ordained citizen of the Dominican Republic can obtain a passport in just one day.

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