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USA: tourist guide to Boston

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In addition to places associated with the history of the United States, Boston boasts of the most interesting monuments of art and culture, beautiful parks, good shopping, and good restaurants.

Freedom trail

The Freedom Trail is a four-kilometer trail that crosses downtown Boston and connects 16 of the city’s most important historic sites. The Freedom Trail begins at Boston Common, the oldest public park in the United States that was home to a British camp from 1775-1776.

A brochure and a map of the Freedom Trail can be obtained from the park information center. From the park, the trail goes further to the State House, built immediately after America’s independence. Today it houses the government of Massachusetts.

Park street church

Then, the route passes by the Park Street Church. Next to the church is the Old Granary Burial Ground cemetery. There, the revolutionaries whose signatures bear the Declaration of Independence are buried: John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and Robert Treat Payne.

A little further away is the First Public School, which opened in 1635. Benjamin Franklin once studied here, whose monument is erected nearby, in front of the Old City Hall. The route then leads to Washington Street, where the Old South Meeting House is located.

Old statehouse

The Old State House was the seat of the British colonial authorities. Further, the route runs along with the Faneuil Hall building, on the basement of which the market was located. On the first floor, meetings of revolutionaries were held. One of their organizers was Samuel Adams, whose monument was erected in front of the building.

The oldest building in Boston is located near North Square Park. The Freedom Trail finishes at the Bunker Hill Monument. It is a granite obelisk erected to commemorate the battle on June 17, 1775. In this battle, the British won. However, after 9 months, they were defeated by the troops of George Washington.

Quincy market

The official name of the Quincy Market is Faneuil Hall Marketplace. However, most Boston residents call it Quincy Market after Mayor Josh Quincy, who built the market in the 19th century.

Today it is a place where you can have a good time, sit in a cafe or restaurant, go shopping. Quincy Market consists of 5 buildings: three in the center and two located to the north and south of them. The central gallery is called Food Court. There are restaurants with cuisines from different nations of the world. On both sides of the gallery are souvenir shops with T-shirts, photographs of Boston, and various knickknacks.

Entertainment attraction in Boston

In Boston, tourists have access to a wide variety of entertainment, from walks in quiet parks to noisy night parties. Cycling enthusiasts and those who cannot imagine a complete rest without jogging in the park will love the Arnold Arboretum Garden. Here you can go for a picnic, spend time with children, or just read a book in the shade of trees. At nightfall, the Avalon nightclub awaits guests. In the evenings, the club hosts spectacular light shows and colorful discos. Avalon can accommodate up to two thousand people at a time.

Much younger, but no less attractive, is the Axis club. Practically every evening there are performances by local musicians and dancers. Guests have the opportunity to take part in masterclasses and get a few dance lessons. An elegant establishment is the Roxy Club. Its hall is tiled with marble tiles, a large stage is equipped in the main hall, and dance floors are located on three levels. The club regularly hosts original themed parties, each of which will allow you to relax and bring many positive emotions.

Boston attractions for families with children

Neither little travelers nor their parents will be bored in Boston because there are many interesting things to do in this city. For children who already go to school, the Science Museum is an excellent option. Its exposition numbers about 700 exhibits and all of them are devoted to various natural science laws.

Museum guests will be able to see with their own eyes how the laws of mathematics work in nature, how amazing the world of optical illusions can be, and also learn about how complex and full of secrets the human body is. The museum is also known for its ultra-modern IMAX cinema, the height of the screen which is comparable to the height of a five-story building; interesting educational films are regularly shown in the cinema.

You can relax outdoors and enjoy active entertainment in the picturesque Boston Common. This park is the oldest in the United States and is ideal for hiking and sports activities. There are playgrounds for children in the park. In the warm season, boat trips along the river are very popular. The park is also suitable for recreation in winter when there is a magnificent ice skating rink on its territory.

Another place that will be interesting to visit with the whole family is the New England Aquarium. This aquarium contains more than 600 species of marine life, including not only exotic fish but also seals, fur seals, turtles, and penguins. The aquarium is divided into several thematic zones, and each of them has a unique design. 

You can continue sea activities by visiting the pier located near the Aquarium, where you can rent a boat and go on an exciting boat trip. From the sea, many of Boston’s attractions look completely different, so a lot of new experiences are guaranteed. Those who visit Boston between April and October will be offered to go whale watching. For fans of extreme entertainment at the marina, there is also the Codzilla attraction.

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