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Most needed professions in Australia 2021

Their size can reach seven thousand dollars for each fact of illegal employment. Migrants are willingly hired for unskilled jobs. Remuneration for labor, by Australian standards, is small for the local population, it does not seek such positions.

However, qualified specialists can find a suitable place here. Especially for those whose specialization falls into the list of professions for immigration to Australia – Skilled Occupations List. It is updated annually, so if there is currently no suitable specialty, it is not a fact that it will not appear later. Future employees, whose qualifications correspond to the professions included in the SOL list, can count on the successful acquisition of the status of a permanent resident of the mainland.

List of professions

To better understand the needs of Australian employers, the professions are categorized by industry:

  • Economics and finance.

In this sector, professional accountants of a very different profile are especially needed: a tax specialist, as well as an expert in the field of company financial management. The profession of an external and internal audit expert is considered popular. HR of financial associations of the country in 2020 posted announcements for the recruitment of specialists in the field of financial insurance;

  • Communication area.

Requires the participation of specialists who know the IT-sphere. These include, first of all, the profession of a programmer of a wide profile, as well as an analyst of the operation of computer networks of general and narrow qualifications, a website developer. The most demanded position is considered to be a telecommunication and radio communication network engineer;

  • Construction and repair.

These areas are represented in the Australian job market by the specialties of plasterer, painter, bricklayer, glazier, joiner, carpenter. In 2019, as in the past, the heads of repair companies are ready to reclaim plumbers; most vacancies are open for this working specialty. Construction needs professional project managers, designers, architects, managers;

  • Education and research.

In this area, representatives of our immigration are officially in demand on the continent. Secondary Australian school requires correctional teachers, audiologists, teachers for children with visual impairments. Vacancies in the field of scientific research will tell you what kind of workers are needed, mainly laboratory assistants and heads of laboratories in all areas of research are required;

  • The medicine.

The Australian Government places great importance on the development of medicine. In 2019, Australia lacks specialists in the field of cardiology, orthopedics, surgery, dentistry, genetic medicine, gynecology, psychiatry. The country’s clinics are ready to urgently accept professional junior medical personnel from the list of applicants for caring for the elderly, sedentary patients, midwives, the professional of a nurse is popular for working in departments of various profiles;

  • Production.

The Australian government takes measures annually to attract immigration flows to accelerate production processes in the country. Engineers in the field of metallurgy, gas equipment, mechanical engineering, mechanics, and technologists of various profiles are in demand. The continent is washed by the seas, so shipbuilding is the main industry that needs competent shipbuilders, as well as ship technicians, navigators, specialists in marine navigation systems;

  • Services sector.

Also controlled by the government of the state, immigration quotas apply to cooks, lift mechanics, and hoists. From the list of vacancies, the profession of housekeepers, governesses, cleaners of territories and premises is in demand.

Employers in Australia are looking for workers who meet the requirements:

  • Advanced level of knowledge of English.
  • Immigration to Australia is not possible without meeting this condition. The better the candidate for a position knows the language, the more likely they are to get a job.
  • Young age.
  • Younger applicants are more likely to get the position. Overseas life will be easier if you start it at a young age.
  • The presence of a specialty.
  • Education influences the choice of employer. The higher the qualifications of the applicant, the easier it is for him to get a position.
  • Experience and work experience.
  • When considering an application, the employer considers both work experience in their home country and work experience in Australia.

Types of work visas

Russian citizens who are thinking about immigration to Australia carry out their plans by opening a work visa. Its varieties:

  • Independent. Holders of this type of permit receive the right to study and work in Australia. Over time, they receive a permanent residence permit, participate in the citizenship program, and transport their family to the continent.
  • Nominal. This type of permit allows the holder to enjoy the same benefits as Russian citizens with an independent visa. Its difference is the need for an invitation from the region of Australia.
  • Temporary (regional). Its distinctive feature is that it gives the right to work in the region specified in the visa for up to 4 years.

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