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People who have recently moved to Australia are interested in earning some money, because in comparison to Europe, the housing and renting accommodation is more expensive in Australia.

First tip for getting a job is figuring out the accommodation plan first. It might seem far away, but getting the place to live is one of the hardest parts for a newbie on land. Whether it’s a hostel or Airbnb for a while before getting a real apartment, every option will save from trouble.

Second tip is applying for a job as soon as possible. Job offer websites offer filtering options to desired location, therefore before going to Australia, it is recommended to have a job waiting there.

Third tip is having a great CV and motivational letter, so there is an advantage to getting the desired job. With CV and application letter there can be a consultation with a career professional that will help to make the best possible application and even seek jobs that are suited for you. And last but not least, start application process for work visa.


Required steps for getting a work visa

Work visa in Australia is a way to get in the country without any major problems. Work visas can be sponsored by your employer or another option is to be invited by the Australian Government and then be applying for visa.

Work visa is great for short business trips or for establishing new or already existing business as well as for investing in Australia and participating in professional, cultural and/or social activity in Australia.

Starting steps of getting a work visa is figuring out the most suitable category of visa for work. Application must align with requirements of an assessment, if it is needed and employer has to fill online sponsorship form before you can apply for visa.

After the choosing the category, applicant has to fill online application form of the visa category. All documents, like passport or identification document with minimum 6 months validity still available, photographs, job offer application, health insurance, travel insurance, personal Character Assessment, CV, mark-sheets and any professional certificates. Visa also has an application fee that has to be paid for visa to be processed and provided.

Another procedure is getting the health check since jobs in Australia has to have a full health examination proof submitted after applying for job.


Benefits of working in Australia

People that already work and live in Australia tell about the business environment being very humble and toned down, with valuing efficiency and healthy work-life balance that is often forgotten in most developed countries.

Before starting your carrier in Australia, you need to apply for a tax file number (TFN) and it’s possible to apply online by Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website. Australia has a great healthcare system as Australia is ranked as one of the highest on Administrative Efficiency and Health Care Outcomes ratings.

Australia has job opportunities in areas that are not accentuated in other countries, like agriculture, aeronautics, and Medical industry. After company job offer website Seek made a survey for their preferences in Australian and New Zealand’s workplaces, the answers were mostly for flexible working arrangements, extra superannuation and unlimited leave situation in workplace.

Australia is also a great place for living if you like driving a car, because in case the accommodation is outside the city, commuting to job is quite a drive, but people who enjoy and value the warm weather and outdoor activity, like swimming and surfing, than this is usually only a benefit. Australia is quite developed country and has a potential of being a great job environment and place to work and build a carrier.


Useful resources for getting a job in Australia

For people who are looking for job opportunities, there are many websites to visit. For example, “Adzuna”, that has a recommended job offer website. “ValueMyCV” is a great analysis website for evaluating market salary of your CV.

Seek” is the first job search website that has great reviews and high ratings overall. Seek offers many survey results about workplace and work environment overall in many countries including Australia.

Every new worker in Australia should apply for tax file number and it can be done through website There are many Australian websites dedicated to helping with visas, student visas and other visas, like, and

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