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Tourists will notice that the cost of living is favorable, and in some cases, one’s social security check may be enough to live on. The right fiscal counsel can help you plan for your trip to Brazil as well as help you navigate some of the duty laws and other associations of moving abroad.

Types of visa

Short stay visas:

  • Tourist Visa,
  • Business Visa,
  • Transit Visa,
  • Temporary Visa (VITEM).

These types of visas are long-term visas – they allow the holder to stay in Brazil for longer than 90 days. However, once you arrive in Brazil, you have to register with the original office of the Brazilian Federal Police (DPF) within 90 days, if you get a temporary visa. You’ll get your migration enrolment card (CRNM) and get occupancy for a certain period. Before it expires, the enrolment card can be renewed. They are:

  • Work Visa,
  • Student Visa,
  • Family Reunion Visa.

Visa Conditions

When you apply for a Brazil visa, you have to submit documents that will support your visa operation. The documents change grounded on the specific visa as well as the country from which you’re applying, but they include:

  • Your passport. It must be valid for at least another six months and with at least two blank visa sheets.
  • The Brazil Visa Application Form.
  • Passport-size picture.
  • A return-flight ticket.
  • Evidence of sufficient financial means to cover the duration of your stay. For illustration, bank statements from the past three months.
  • Evidence of employment status.
  • Attesting your registration, If you’re a pupil Letter from your academy or university.
  • Evidence of accommodation in Brazil, similar to a hostel reservation or a letter of assignation (if you’re staying with family).
  • Any documents related to the purpose of the trip. For illustration;

aerial photography of cityscape near sea

For business visa

 Letter of assignation from the company in the country. Work contract, the hiring company’s enrolment documents, etc.

For a family reunion visa

Evidence of family relationships (birth document, marriage document, etc).


For pupil visa

Letter of registration in the educational institution. Evidence of financial means to cover your stay. Evidence of having paid the Brazil visa amount.

Pre-paid returns envelope

Any extra documents that the Consular staff requests. Note: The documents that you submit must be Apostilled or legalized by the Brazilian Delegacy in your country before you submit them.

Ways of applying for a Brazilian visa

You have to apply for a visa from one of the Delegacies or Consulates of Brazil in your country. The process changes slightly depending on where you live and where you have to submit the Brazil visa operation, but it can be supposed as follows:

  1. Find the nearest Embassy/ Consulate.
  2. Communicate with them to learn about their conditions and what documents you need.
  3. Make a visa appointment.
  4. Collect the needed documents for the Brazil visa operation.
  5. Complete the online Visa Application Form. Answer all the questions and attach electronic duplicates of the needed documents and your visa pictures. You’ll also get an evidence number.
  6. Publish the “ receipt” of the Brazil Visa Application Form and attach the visa picture to the designated spot.
  7.  Show up on the date of your appointment and hand in your operation form and the original documents to the Consular staff. Alternatively, it may be suitable to give the documents to them through correspondence.
  8. Pay the Brazil visa amount. Again, the favored system of payment changes depending on the country and specific Embassy/ Consulate.
  9. Stand by for the visa operation to undertake. Once that happens, the Consular staff will notify you about the outgrowth of your operation, and you have to go back and get your visa. However, you’ll get the Brazil visa by correspondence as well, If you applied by correspondence.

When applying for a visa Some Brazil Delegacies/ Consulates allow you to submit the operation through a visa or trip agency, but not all. Also, they may allow you to submit the operation via correspondence, while others precisely want you to hand in the application in person.

Fees for Brazilian visa

They are as follows:

Visit visa amount US dollars eighty thousand. A temporary visa amounts to US dollars a hundred thousand. Politic, official, and courtesy visa Free.

Tourist Visa

The tourist visa for Brazil is issued for non-natives who want to visit Brazil for short-term purposes. It’s issued for a maximum duration of 90 days. As the name suggests, you apply for the Brazil tourist visa if you want to visit Brazil as a tourist or for recreational purposes, including sports conditioning.

Duration of a Visa

The duration of a Brazil tourist visa is not more than 90 days. Still, it can be issued for lower than that, depending on the choice of the Brazilian Consular services. The duration of temporary visas ranges from one to 3 years, depending on the visa type.

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