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American Higher Education (why does everyone want to study in the USA?)

In recent decades, the United States of America has been the dominant world power in many areas of human activity.

Education is no exception. The American higher education system is one of the best in the world. Young people from all over the world strive to enter US universities. The country uses English as the official language. In fact, it is the language of international communication. It is studied and well known by people in many countries of the world, which is why studying in American universities is so attractive.

However, this is not the only reason young people from all over the world want to study in the United States. American universities, academies, institutes, and colleges have a number of advantages over similar institutions in European countries.

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The main reasons why you should choose to study in the states:

  • Excellent international reputation for American degrees.
  • High level of cultural diversity in American universities.
  • Excellent level of student support in learning;
  • Large investments in the optimization of the educational process in universities;
  • Favorable environment for students, including foreign ones, at US universities;
  • Students who graduate from grade 11 of the school can go directly to college or university;
  • The highlight of education in America: you can transfer from one university to another, even in a non-related specialty;
  • The student himself chooses which subjects to study;
  • Payment is made not for the semester, but for the subjects studied;
  • During their studies, foreign students have the right to work officially;
  • Students have the opportunity to receive a scholarship;
  • The United States has a flexible visa policy towards students;
  • Universities are adapted for people with disabilities.

Studying in higher educational institutions in the United States is prestigious and profitable. American universities offer a high level of preparation and excellent career opportunities after graduation. Studying in the states provides an opportunity to make profitable acquaintances that will help you in the future with employment or business.

Before entering US universities, it is worthwhile to assess the chances well. Indeed, in the states, it is not only prestigious to study, but also quite difficult. The process and courses of study have special American specifics, requiring special training, which must be taken into account when entering.

It is worth noting that in the United States, children go to school for 12 years, after which the Americans themselves do not always go to universities. Here it is customary to take a gap year and think about further plans for a year. For schoolchildren who have not yet decided on their specialty and what they want to do, this is an opportunity to work for a year in any field and understand what is suitable and what is not. 

Also, college education in America is considered a full-fledged higher education. But let’s start in order.

Institutions in the United States

All higher education institutions in the United States are divided into two main types: colleges and universities. There are no significant differences in diplomas or the quality of education between them, they most often differ only in the size and number of specialties. If a college often prepares bachelors in one area of ​​knowledge, for example, engineering or economics, then a university is a kind of conglomerate of colleges of different directions.

In short: if you need a bachelor’s degree, then you can safely go to college, and if you are interested in a master’s degree, then choose a university.

Both universities and colleges in the United States are of two types: public and private. Although education in private colleges is much more expensive, it is valued much higher, since each student of such a university is given more attention and a more serious knowledge base is given. Private universities in the United States have an excellent reputation and are well regarded in the world.

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