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USA: first visit tips

Flag of USA

America is a country that contains many cultures, as evidenced by the many attractions and historical monuments throughout its territory. And the two ocean coasts provide great opportunities for sea recreation for every taste. Even choosing among the most famous resort states, it is not so easy to decide where to go in the United States – to California or Florida.

There are some tips for those who want to travel in the USA for the first time.


Take with you both cash and money on the card. If you took cash and you have it all in beautiful $ 100 bills, then change it as soon as possible for smaller bills. The fact is that the $ 100 bill is the most counterfeit in the world. Therefore, a lot of shops, cafes, restaurants, entertainment establishments, and other services do not accept it at all, while others accept it, but with great reluctance and caution.

And so that you do not have a story when you have a lot of money, but you cannot make a purchase, change your money! Change the 100-dollar bill while still at home. You will need small money for a taxi, a trip to the driver, or to immediately buy water or a bun. Change $ 100 every time you make a purchase, for example, $ 50 and so on.

If you carry most of your credit card money with you, remember that your US debit card will work like a credit card. Therefore, to the question: “Debit or credit?” always answer credit! And carry with you some kind of identity card (passport or driver’s license), as when paying with a card “from another country” you will often be asked to show your documents!

Domestic flights

The USA is a huge and beautiful country that you can travel to for years, which is what I recommend to you! You can get around the United States in any convenient way – by plane, bus, train, or car. You can still walk, not bike, motorcycle, boat, and many other exciting ways!

But if you decide to fly within the country by plane, you need to consider one very small but important feature! Regardless of whether you are flying a low-cost airline or a regular airline, the ticket price includes only a flight with 1 carry-on bag. If you have luggage, you must, depending on the airline, already buy a ticket in advance that includes luggage or pay for the luggage at check-in.

Bad habits

Do you smoke? Take cigarettes and lots of cigarettes with you! The price of a pack of cigarettes varies from state to state. So, in Florida, a pack of cigarettes costs 3.50, and in New York – all 13 dollars!

If you want to spend an evening at the bar or just buy a beer from a nearby store, bring your ID with you! Because in the United States, without this document, you will never be sold alcohol or cigarettes in your life! Even if you are 70 years old and you look 70 years old, you will still be required to have a document confirming your identity! Therefore, carry your passport or driver’s license with you.

Statue of Liberty, New York under white and blue cloudy skies


Go on a journey in an empty suitcase! Even if you are not a shopaholic and do not like to shop, you are still a person and, even if not so often, you need to buy new clothes. So why not do it in the USA, where even with today’s dollar exchange rate, shopping is still cheaper than in Ukraine! I recommend buying shoes, and bags, including travel bags, cosmetics, clothing and outerwear for yourself, and baby clothes for younger brothers/sisters or relatives in the USA.


Besides the fact that I highly recommend trying street food in the US and forgetting about eating well, here are some life hacks regarding the US eating hacks:

Do not order water in a restaurant, it will be brought to you for free. Of course, if you want sparkling mineral water, juice, or a sweet fizzy drink, then feel free to order. But if you just want to drink water, they will bring it to you free of charge and as much as you like. 

Do not order a side dish for a meat dish. If you ordered a steak, you do not need to order a serving of potatoes or salad with it. Because most likely all of this is already included in the cost of your steak. All you need is to clarify what exactly is on the side – potatoes, rice, salad, vegetables, etc.


In big cities, the Internet is everywhere – on the streets, in parks, in the subway, and, of course, in cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and other public institutions. A mobile operator card with unlimited internet costs 45-60 dollars per month and other packages, a la “I only need 1 week” are not here.

Therefore, if you are not a super fan of social networks and do not spend 50% of your time online, then the public Internet, which can be found in the above places, is quite enough for you. BUT. If you cannot live without the Internet or you are traveling alone and you need a connection, then pay attention to the packages of the companies T-Mobile and Lucamobile!

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