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USA: internship in IT

In this post, we list the best IT internship opportunities for international students.


What do IT interns do?

Information technology trainees solve complex problems, design, develop and apply software and hardware. They complement their coursework with real-world experience, gaining access to programming and software development, and getting to know the world of business. To do an IT internship, you must have a good understanding of mathematics, be familiar with the main programming languages ​​(such as Java, SQL, C ++, and Python), and understand systems software concepts.


Who is Eligible for the Information Technology Internship?

Information technology internships are usually designed for students or graduates of computer science or information technology departments. Most employers require the applicant to be between the ages of 18 and 30.

Top 5 Internships for IT specialists in the US

In the next few lines, we list the best IT internship opportunities for international students in the United States.

Information Technology Trainee – Aegis Technologies Group

The AEgis Technologies Group (AEgis) provides cutting-edge engineering solutions for the space superiority markets, C4ISR, missile defense, directed energy, electronic warfare and cybernetics, and intelligence. The company was founded in 1989, and for decades it has served its core customer base as a trusted partner focused on solving the most challenging Community Defense and National Security challenges.

As a trainee at Aegis, it is your responsibility to investigate the various possibilities for cyberattacks, and then develop, test, and deploy software solutions aimed at appropriate detection and response. Detection and response solutions can include artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. The trainee should be able to work on tasks independently.

It is part-time (up to 40 hours per week) for a limited duration determined by the student’s academic calendar.


JAVA Backend Developer Intern – Farmers Insurance Group

Farmers Insurance Group is an American group of auto, home, and small business insurers that also provides other insurance and financial services. This internship allows you to join a diverse team of professionals. The Farmer Insurance Group also offers extensive training opportunities through Farmers University.

Skill requirements:

  • Proficiency in Java Spring Boot server applications and development experience desirable;
  • Knowledge of web technologies (such as HTTP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML / DOM, AJAX) will be helpful;
  • Owns web services, SOA, REST API;
  • Introducing AWS, Heroku;
  • Good oral and written communication skills;
  • Detailed-oriented with strong analytical, organizational, and problem-solving skills;
  • A major in engineering, information technology, or related fields;
  • Currently an enrolled/prospective junior or senior undergraduate student, or currently an enrolled graduate student;
  • Can provide recommendations for improving the quality of customer service;
  • A desire to learn and explore new things;
  • Problem-solving, energetic approach.


black flat screen computer monitor

Software Development Intern – Entrust Datacard

Entrust Engineering is committed to keeping the world safe by providing secure identity, payments, and data protection around the world. Entrust, headquartered in Minnesota, creates an environment in which colleagues work together.

Entrust Engineering is looking for trainees with diverse disciplines, especially in August. Applicants should be able to tune and validate hardware and software in a variety of lab configurations. Also, the candidate must be a thinker, well organized, and capable of working in a rapidly changing environment.


Summer Intern Full Stack Developers – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Blue Cross Shield is proud to offer an eleven-week virtual internship to tech-savvy college graduates and graduate students. The Blue Cross Blue Shield has a great digital team internship opportunity. To qualify, you need to have a good computer science education and a good academic record.


Software Development Intern at Google

Google offers a unique 12-14 week paid internship that offers personal and professional development, executive talk series, and community building. The software engineering internship program will allow you to work on end-to-end computer science solutions, develop scalable distributed software systems, and collaborate on a variety of small projects that have universal appeal.

This internship is for students currently pursuing a Ph.D. program in Information Technology or a related field with an expected graduation date of December 2021 or later, depending on their program and unique circumstances.

One of your main responsibilities as a Google Trainee is to analyze information and measure results to choose the best solution for effective problem-solving.



An internship in IT guarantees a successful career. This fast-growing industry is expected to grow 12% over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To complete an IT internship, you must have a good understanding of mathematics, be able to diagnose and solve computer and technology problems, and understand the concepts of system software. Knowledge of major programming languages ​​(such as Java, SQL, C ++, and Python) is also a plus.

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