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Retiring in Uzbekistan (the golden years)

The first people known to have inhabited Central Asia were Scythians who came from the northern campaigns of what’s now 

Uzbekistan. Eventually in the first renaissance BC, when these Gadabouts settled in the region they erected an expansive irrigation system along the gutters. 

Uzbekistan is the most inhabited nation in Central Asia. Since the 1970s, its population has further doubled. The most recent estimates put the total population at 27 million, and the share of the population progressed 0 –14 dropped from 45million of the total population in 1970 to 33.2 million in 2005. The share of the population that progressed over 65 times had reached 4.7 million in 2005 in Uzbekistan. Pressures on the healthcare system from a growing population (which also arise in numerous countries of Western Europe) aren’t yet apparent. Still, if the senior population continues to increase as anticipated, Uzbekistan could be faced with this problem shortly. It also signals the forthcoming pressures on the Uzbek healthcare system that has formerly surfaced as trouble to numerous Western countries and Japan. 

The retirement plan in Uzbekistan

The average retirement age in the world for men and women is 62, while in Uzbekistan this figure is 57.5. In the neighboring countries, for example, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, the retirement right has been established 63 for men and 58 for women. In Turkmenistan, the retirement age is 62 for men and 57 for women. And in Uzbekistan, women retire at 55 of age and men at 60. 

Concerning the least amount of work experience, the experts suggested raising it from seven times to transnational norms. According to the International Labor Organization Convention, the minimum needed length of service for the appointment of pension per aging is set at 15. In numerous countries of the world, including the CIS countries, the minimum needed experience has been brought to the position required. 

The life expectancy

An increase in the retirement age is also related to the average life cycle in the country. Therefore, Uzbekistan ranks first by life duration in Central Asia. This is stated in the UN logical review “10 most important events in Central Asia in 2018”. Life expectancy in Uzbekistan reached 73.8, in Tajikistan 73.7, in Kazakhstan 72.4, in Kyrgyzstan­ 70.9, and in Turkmenistan ­70.4. 

Work experience

One more major gauge for retirement is the required work experience. Which should reach 25 for men and 20 for women upon completing the retirement age. Still, for 10 months of the current time, about 56 of the recently appointed pensions are those with deficient work experience. Administrative director of the Off­Budget Pension Fund Erkin Tursunov told, He also noted that the length of the average work experience upon retirement is 24 for men and 18 for women. While in Germany it’s necessary to have 45 hours of work experience, in France ­ 41, in Japan, Sweden and Greece­ 40, in Spain ­38.5, in the UK ­35 for both men and women. 

According to Farkhod Kurbonboyev, an economist, as average life expectancy increases, the proportion of people aged more than 60 years and a lower number of workers also increases, so the enlarging number of non-­working people must be well maintained. Increasing the retirement age is an aim fundamental and this is a global trend. 

Numerous people, who are approaching their retirement age, are completely progressed professionals in specific fields. They have got a lot of experience and enough opportunities. However, those people can bring benefits to their family and the public,” the economist noted If they work.

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