• Useful tips: traveling to Brazil

    Useful tips: traveling to Brazil

    Things you must know when traveling to Brazil. Brazil is the biggest country in South America and is covering are of more than 8 million square miles. The population of Brazil is approximately 200 million people and the capital of Brazil is Brasilia.

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  • Relocation guide: Austria

    Relocation guide: Austria

    Moving to Austria – full relocation guide. Austria is a beautiful European country filled with wealth, culture, intelligent hardworking people, and opportunities for people in education, business, and relationships.

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  • Startup Visa in Denmark in 2021

    Startup Visa in Denmark in 2021

    How to get a Denmark Startup Visa in 2021. If you are an entrepreneur, and you have an innovative business idea, you can get a Denmark startup visa through a government program.  Make sure that your business must improve the economic potential of the country and increase the number of jobs in Denmark.

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  • Employment visa to Ireland

    Employment visa to Ireland

    How to get a work visa to Ireland. Modern Ireland is an economically developed country with a high standard of living and a decent salary. Besides, this state attracts people with its natural resources and low level of environmental pollution.

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  • Finland: banks for account opening

    Finland: banks for account opening

    Best banks for account opening in Finland. Finland is one of the most highly developed countries in the world. Corruption has been practically eradicated here, thanks to which the jurisdiction is considered one of the most attractive for keeping deposits and doing business.

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  • Studies in Europe: Erasmus program

    Studies in Europe: Erasmus program

    Studying in Europe for free: Erasmus+. Studying abroad, albeit for several months, provides a unique opportunity – to get acquainted with students from other countries, to improve the level of a foreign language and get an unforgettable experience.

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  • Europe: best cities to reside

    Europe: best cities to reside

    The best cities in Europe for permanent residence. Let’s talk about cities in Europe that are worthy of moving to them for permanent residence, obtaining a residence permit, or citizenship.

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  • Expat guides: France and living

    Expat guides: France and living

    Living in France – Guide for Expats. What opportunities do foreigners have for a legal job? How to get a residence permit in France? We will talk about the methods that are available to everyone down below.

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  • Immigration destinations: Goa, India

    Immigration destinations: Goa, India

    How to immigrate to Goa, India.  India is a mysterious country with a rich culture. Every year millions of tourists come to India to visit famous historical sites and meet residents. However, some people are so attracted to India that they decide to leave here for permanent residence.

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  • Russia: residence permit obtaining

    Russia: residence permit obtaining

    Getting a Residence permit in Russia in 2021. A residence permit (residence permit) is a document issued to a foreign citizen in confirmation of his right to permanently reside in the Russian Federation, as well as his right to easily leave the Russian Federation and enter the Russian Federation.

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  • Immigration to Europe from India

    Immigration to Europe from India

    Immigration from India to Europe. Moving from India to Europe for permanent residence is a complex process that depends on many factors. These include, first of all, your desire to immigrate. After all, if it does not exist or it is insufficient, it will be very difficult for you in a new, completely different, and…

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  • Cost of life: Hungary

    Cost of life: Hungary

    Cost of living in Hungary in 2021. Hungary is a small country in the heart of Europe that many immigrants forget about. The cost of living here is very attractive, the food is of high quality, the entertainment is varied, the climate is pleasant.

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