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  • Working in Vietnam as an expat

    Working in Vietnam as an expat

    Vietnam is a country of great cultural richness, breathtaking landscapes, and a fast-growing economy. For expats looking to work in Vietnam, there are plenty of opportunities in the job market. However, there are also some challenges to consider when starting a new job in a foreign country. In this article, we will discuss its job…

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  • Education in Vietnam – Expat guide

    Education in Vietnam – Expat guide

    Families living abroad have a variety of options when it comes to schooling in Vietnam, which can accommodate varying needs and interests. Careful planning can enable a smooth transition and give kids great educational possibilities, whether they decide on an international school, a bilingual program, or to embrace the local educational system. Vietnam’s education system…

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  • Business immigration to Vietnam

    Business immigration to Vietnam

    Vietnam is becoming a more alluring location for investors and entrepreneurs looking to expand their business, thanks to its stunning scenery, rich history, and lively culture. Vietnam presents an abundance of prospects for individuals contemplating commercial immigration, owing to its advantageous business climate, advantageous geographic position, and strong economic expansion. This essay will examine the…

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  • Options of obtaining Vietnam Citizenship

    Options of obtaining Vietnam Citizenship

    The Southeast Asian country of Vietnam is renowned for its colorful culture, breathtaking scenery, and quick economic growth. Vietnam has developed into a desirable location for those looking for citizenship due to its extensive history and range of cultural influences. Several routes to citizenship are available in the nation, including naturalization, marriage to a Vietnamese…

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  • Vietnam: job visa guide

    Vietnam: job visa guide

    Getting a work Permit in Vietnam. A work permit in Vietnam is an official document granted by the Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs that allows the holder to legally work in Vietnam.

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  • Vietnam: best universities to apply

    Vietnam: best universities to apply

    Best universities to Apply in Vietnam as an Expat. Learning in Vietnam means immersing yourself in a lifestyle rich in wonderful cuisine and tourist locations, as well as receiving high-quality schooling. Vietnam is also a cost-effective option to study because airfares are less expensive than those in other countries.

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  • Vietnam: best destinations to travel

    Vietnam: best destinations to travel

    Most popular destinations in Vietnam. Vietnam is a small country on the Indochina Peninsula with thousands of years of history. In 2018 more than 15 million foreign tourists visited Vietnam.

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  • Vietnam: advice for expats

    Vietnam: advice for expats

    Guide for expats: living in Vietnam. Vietnam is a socialist republic located on the Indochina Peninsula with around 95 million inhabitants, while also being the 15th most populous state worldwide. It borders China, Laos, Cambodia, is also located nearby Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines.

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  • Vacation in Vietnam

    Vacation in Vietnam

    Things to do on a vacation in Vietnam. Vietnam is a country that is full of beautiful nature, experiences and culture. When it comes to your vacation, you can be sure that this golden place has it all.

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