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  • Working in Switzerland as an expat

    Working in Switzerland as an expat

    Switzerland is an attractive destination for expats looking for a high standard of living, a stable economy, and a diverse range of industries. The country has a reputation for being a hub for banking and finance, but there are also opportunities in healthcare, engineering, hospitality, and many other sectors. However, working in the nation as…

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  • Options of Obtaining Switzerland Citizenship

    Options of Obtaining Switzerland Citizenship

    Switzerland’s magnificent scenery, economic growth, and high level of living have made it a well-liked destination for people looking for fresh chances for a long time. Being a citizen of Switzerland has many benefits, among them access to a robust social security system, first-rate medical care, and an orderly government.  In this post, we’ll examine…

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  • Getting an employment visa: Work Permit in Switzerland

    Getting an employment visa: Work Permit in Switzerland

    In Switzerland, obtaining a work permit or an employment visa has grown increasingly complex. Non-EU/EFTA nationals planning to live and work in Switzerland should be aware that the Swiss government has imposed permission quotas, limiting the number of permits available each year. Expats must wait another year to apply for a permit once the quota…

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  • Switzerland: cost of relocation

    Switzerland: cost of relocation

    Price of Immigration to Switzerland. Switzerland is a popular destination for immigrants due to its great quality of life, job possibilities, education, better healthcare, and even beautiful scenery. Over 140,000 people came to Switzerland in 2018, including both EU/EFTA and non-EU/EFTA citizens.

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  • Switzerland: about the schools

    Switzerland: about the schools

    School in Switzerland. The school system in Switzerland is not much different from the traditions adopted in other European countries. Schools in Switzerland graduate pupils with basic education into adulthood, in quality that surpasses even the work of local watchmakers.

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