Thailand: Elite visa and it benefits

Published: Wednesday, 04 August 2021
Flag of Thailand

Thai Elite Visa: what is it and how to get


Thailand Elite visa is a long-term tourist multi-visa that allows the holder to cross the border of the host country an unlimited number of times.

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The cheapest countries to live in Europe

Published: Saturday, 31 July 2021
Flag of Europe

Top 5 cheapest countries for residencies in Europe

Today we present to your attention a list of the cheapest countries to live in Europe, if you want to move and live comfortably with a small budget, Europe is often associated with a high cost of living.

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Ukraine: citizenship and passport

Published: Tuesday, 03 August 2021
Flag of Ukraine

Passport of Ukraine - citizenship


If you are planning to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, you should know that the grounds for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship are, according to the law of Ukraine, Article 6:

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Australia: best international colleges

Published: Friday, 30 July 2021
Australia, visas

Best colleges in Australia for international students

Australia uses a three-tiered degree system: Bachelor's, Masters, and Doctorate. Australian universities offer a wide range of programs, from medical, life sciences, and humanities to management, commerce, and engineering.

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Schengen Visa: reasons for rejection

Published: Monday, 02 August 2021
Schengen zone on the globe

Top 10 reasons for refusal of Schengen Visa

To get to Europe you need to obtain a Schengen visa. This is the very first test that an immigrant needs to overcome. Very often, visa officers may refuse to issue a visa. To prevent this from happening, be sure to read this material.

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Africa: 5 most attractive countries to visit

Published: Friday, 30 July 2021
Africa on the globe

Top 5 best countries in Africa for visit

Africa is the hottest and second most populous continent in the world. Two thousand languages ​​are spoken here, hundreds of religions are practiced, and more than eight thousand nationalities live.

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Spain: immigration cost in 2021

Published: Monday, 02 August 2021
Flag of Spain

Immigration cost to Spain in 2021

A warm country with famous beaches attracts with its climate, prices that are not too high by European standards, and the hospitality of the local population.

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Best countries for LGBT people

Published: Thursday, 29 July 2021
LGBT people

The best countries in the world for LGBT people

These days, developed countries still do not treat LGBT rights in the same way. In Poland, for example, there has been a terrifying rollback into the past.

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Live quality: Hong Kong

Published: Sunday, 01 August 2021
Flag of Hong Kong

Live and work in Hong Kong

Today, Hong Kong is considered the safest city in the world, despite its highly criminal past. Although petty theft and serious crimes do happen, this rarely happens. The low crime rate is due to a well-trained police force, which is especially abundant in the city center.

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Germany: the cost of immigration in 2021

Published: Wednesday, 28 July 2021
Flag of Germany

Immigration cost to Germany in 2021

Those wishing to leave for Germany for permanent residence in 2021 are not decreasing among our fellow citizens - Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, and Kazakhs.

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