Madagascar: immigration guide

Published: Monday, 09 May 2022
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Madagascar - relocation guide

Have you been thinking of relocating to Madagascar? There is a lot to see and do in the country, but have you considered your eligibility and how to gain entry?

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Papua New Guinea: immigration guide

Published: Thursday, 05 May 2022
Flag of Papua New Guinea

Moving to Papua New Guinea

Do you have enough information that can ease your migration to Papua New Guinea? How much information do you have about the visa policy and visa types foreigners need to gain entry here…few? Well, here is a guide on how to relocate to PNG, and reside permanently if that’s what you are after.

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Business: about the South Africa

Published: Sunday, 08 May 2022
South Africa, business

About business in South Africa

South Africa, due to its multicultural diversity, is known as a country where representatives of the "rainbow nation" live. South Africa is one of the world leaders in the stock market - the Johannesburg Stock Exchange is located here.

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China: work permit

Published: Wednesday, 04 May 2022
Flag of China

China - getting an employment visa

The People's Republic of China is a country located in East Asia. It's the world's most vibrant country, with a population of further than 1.4 billion. China spans five geographical time zones and borders 14 different countries, the second-most of any country in the world after Russia.

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Tunisia: education system

Published: Saturday, 07 May 2022
Flag of Tunisia, education

The educational system in Tunisia

Before the establishment of the French protectorate, teaching was carried out in Koranic schools. Since the end of the XIX century. French schools were also created. Before the declaration of independence (1956), education was at a low level.

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South Korea: best universities for immigrants

Published: Tuesday, 03 May 2022
Flag of South Korea

Best universities in South Korea as an ex-pat

South Korea, an East Asian nation on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, shares one of the world’s most heavily reequipped borders with North Korea. It’s inversely known for its green, centuries-old Buddhist tabernacles, and high-tech metropolises similar to Seoul, the capital.

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India: retirement guide

Published: Friday, 06 May 2022
Flag of India

Retiring in India: the golden years

If you are seeking a life filled with rich culture, delicious delicacies, stunning architecture, and colorful festivals, India is a country with all these and more.

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Fiji: how to get a passport

Published: Tuesday, 03 May 2022
Fiji as a flag

Options for becoming Fiji Citizen

Are you a foreigner planning to settle indefinitely on the islands? On the other hand, perhaps an ex-pat thinking of ways to become a legal citizen here? Congratulations! You are just a step closer to achieving your wish. You will be shown the easiest way to do that on Fiji.

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Brazil: travel & visa

Published: Friday, 06 May 2022
Flag of Brazil

Traveling to Brazil 

Brazil, which has a population of some 213 million, is known for its passionate and enjoyable loving people, and a pristine rainforest that's home to an array of fauna and herbage. Portuguese is the public language, and proficiency in English is rare, especially outside the main megalopolises.

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Nauru: immigration guide

Published: Monday, 02 May 2022
Nauru flag

Nauru - the full relocation guide


Is it to find work or to explore the land? I bet the tranquil and easy lifestyle calls out to you. To gain entry to this small country though, foreigners need to know the Nauru visa policy, visa requirements, and ways to apply for residence.

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