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  • Main reasons why visas in Cuba get denied

    Main reasons why visas in Cuba get denied

    Unless they are citizens of a nation free from visa requirements, visitors to Cuba must get a visa or a tourist card from one of the country’s diplomatic missions, travel companies, or airlines before traveling. All visitors, including Cuban nationals living abroad, are required to have valid return tickets and evidence of health insurance. Holders…

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  • Cuba: citizenship obtaining options

    Cuba: citizenship obtaining options

    Options of becoming a Cuba citizen. Cuba is a small island in the Caribbean Sea, wedged between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Although it appears like a Caribbean paradise in its world, the island is located a few kilometers south of Florida.

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  • Travel notes: Cuba

    Travel notes: Cuba

    Travel tips for Cuba. Cuba is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Freedom Island Cuba is loved by tourists for its luxurious nature, excellent beaches, and many colonial and revolutionary sights.

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