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Kazakhstan: job visa guide

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Anyone who isn’t eligible to apply online or free from visa conditions will have to get a Kazakhstan visa at an Embassy or Consulate and an assignation from the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Who can apply

Kazakhstan Work Visa is issued to foreign citizens traveling for employment in a Kazakhstan company, for self-employment in an in-demand profession, and to seasonal workers.

How to apply for an employment visa

The operation process varies depending on the type of visa your workers need, the job title and payment, and a variety of other factors. In general, the process begins with a labour market search to determine whether any eligible job campaigners in Kazakhstan could fill the position. This search should be instituted by the employer.

After you establish the need for a foreign worker, your worker should go through a health screening. As the employer, your company should also submit a work permit operation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with the applicable documents.

After the work permit is issued, the worker should visit the delegation or consulate of Kazakhstan in their country to apply for an entry visa. To support the operation, the worker may be asked to give their employment contract, CV, evidence of lodgment in Kazakhstan, and other documents. Reaching the embassy is a safe way to ensure that the worker has all the proper attestation before applying.

After carrying a visa and traveling to Kazakhstan, workers will need to register with the Migration Police.

Types of Work Visas

In Kazakhstan, there are five types of working visas for foreign workers.

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M1 visa

This visa is granted to foreign workers who have been issued a work permit from an employer in Kazakhstan.

M2 visas

This type of visa is given out to the dependents of foreign workers who are in possession of M1 visas.

M3 visa

This visa is granted to foreign citizens who need to travel to Kazakhstan to finalize their work permit with the original authorities.

M4 visa

It is specifically for “business emigrants” or entrepreneurs.

M5 visa

M5 visas are issued to seasonal workers. The M1 visa is the most common, and most of your workers are likely to need it. 

Conditions to gain work visas

To gain work visas for workers, a company will need visa support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You’ll need to give the following documents:

  • A letter attesting the employer’s assignation to the foreign worker.
  • A written duplicate of the employing company’s current duty.
  • A written duplicate of the work permit.
  • The employer’s power of attorney.
  • Proof that the employer has no outstanding levies.
  • Evidence of payment for the consular figure.
  • To gain the M1 visa itself, the following documents must be submitted.
  • A completed visa operation form.
  • The passport of the aspirant.
  • One passport-size picture.
  • A copy of the receipt proving payment of the consular figure.


Other important considerations

The government in this country limits the number of work permits granted to foreign citizens each time. Because of this restriction and the fairly complicated process for carrying a visa, numerous companies choose to secure visas for only professed foreign workers and hire Kazakhstani citizens when it’s possible to do so.

Still, it may be suitable to request a visa extension at the Kazakhstan Migration Services or the Migration Police, If you need to stay longer than your Kazakhstan visa allows.

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