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Turkey: best universities for immigrants

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By glancing at the percentage of international students, it is clear that Turkey has many reliable institutions for overseas students. Turkey is home to a plethora of magnificent and enthralling European landmarks. In this article, we’ll look at a few of Turkey’s top universities for expats.

What are the most renowned programs in Turkey for expats?

Among the most prominent programs in Turkey for international students are those that emphasize Information Technology and Architecture, due to a few rising patterns in society nowadays. In Turkey, several colleges and organizations provide various highly technical programs centered on this topic. Institutions aim to blend concepts through research and academics with practical implementation to real-life circumstances and difficulties in most software design programs.

Turkish universities provide programs in commercial strategy in addition to information technology and architecture. Programs that discuss new market trends and administration practices in the current period of advertising and innovation, comparable to information technology and architecture, are garnering universal recognition and choice regarding program demand in Turkey.

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Top Universities for expats in turkey

  • Bogazici University

Bogazici University is Turkey’s most respected university. According to Best Worldwide Universities, this institution is among the top 200 universities in the world because it has a diverse student body studying many fields of education. It also offers studies in engineering and physics, making it one of the most technologically advanced institutions to date.

Istanbul, Turkey, is home to Bogazici University. It has one of the largest scientific centers in the country, which is open to both regional and international students. They also provide a variety of bachelor programs and provide a variety of English-language courses. Bogazici University is often regarded as Turkey’s best university for overseas students.

  • Number of Foreign Students: 452 
  • The proportion of Foreign Students: 3.4%

  • Bilkent University

Ankara, the Turkey, is home to Bilkent University. It was founded in 1984 and is a privately managed institution. Bilkent University is a scientific and research-oriented university regarded as one of Turkey’s top international students. As indicated by its latest Global Ratings, it has provided outstanding schooling to its students.

It features multiple facilities and offices devoted to various fields of study and a huge library where pupils can acquire millions of material and references for their studies. The library at Bilkent University is widely regarded as one of the finest and most comprehensive on the planet.

  • Number of international students: 908
  • The proportion of foreign students:8.8%

  • Istanbul University

Istanbul University is one of Turkey’s earliest institutions, having been established in 1846. It provides courses in technology, pharmacy, finance, and astrology, among other subjects. It offers a diverse variety of disciplines and has a long legacy of experts who have made significant contributions to scientific discipline. They have consistently improved the standard of their teaching by offering new programs that are in line with current trends, such as nuclear science and contemporary sciences.

  • Number of international students: 7329
  • The proportion of international students: 5.7%

  • Middle East Technical University

Ankara, the Turkey, is home to the Middle East Technical University. This institution is well-known for giving exceptional technology and physical science courses. It provides programs in both Turkish and English and owing to strong demand, and restricted seats, only a small fraction of those who take their admission exams are admitted.

  • Number of international students: 1547
  • The proportion of international students: 5.6%

  • Ankara University

Ankara University is an institute in the center of Ankara, making it a desirable university to attend due to its availability and incorporation into Turkish urban life. It’s a component of the Erasmus program, which boasts its worldwide competitiveness in research and innovation. So, overseas students are not unfamiliar with Ankara Institution, making it a fantastic alternative for students interested in trying their hand at an institution that provides double degree programs and other highly specialized bachelor programs.

  • Number of international students: 3058
  • The proportion of international students: 4.4%

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