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China: travel visa guide

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The needed visa to travel to China

Tourism in China requires a visa and is generally a single-entry visa with a stay duration of 30 days. US citizens may be eligible for a ten-year multiple entry visa. The tourism visa requires your passport to be valid for at least 6 months and it must have at least two blank sheets. You must also have an assignation letter from the country’s trip agency or an individual or round-trip ticket and a hostel reservation.

Conditions for Chinese visa


You must give your factual written passport, including one duplicate of the particular information sheet of your passport. Your passport must:

  • Be valid for six months beyond the length of your requested visa (for illustration, if you’re requesting a 12-month visa your passport must be valid for 18 months).
  • Contain at least two blank visa sheets for the visa stamp ( modification and approval pages can not be used to fulfill this demand).
  • Still, the passport must contain at least two blank facing visa pages, there can be no pictures or correction recommendation types on the pages.
  • If requesting multiple entries. Not be rasped, torn, separating, or altered in any other way.

Evidence of State Residency

You must give evidence of your current address of occupancy. The document must either be a duplicate of the front of your driver’s license or government ID, or a utility bill. The document must:

  • Show your identification details as it appears on your passport.
  • Display the current residency address as handed on your visa operation.

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Trip record

You must give a duplicate of the trip record form included in the application. The form must consist of all states that you have visited in the last 28 days:

  • It should be signed.
  • Include entry/ exit dates of each trip.

Health declaration

Aspirants must give the Health Declaration Form which can be discovered within the China Visa Service Center Application center.

Aspirants Under the Age of 18

All minors below the age of eighteen visiting  China must:

  • Be able to give a duplicate of their birth document.
  • Be able to give a duplicate of both parents’ passports or drivers’ licenses.
  • Be in a position to give a duplicate of the parents’ evidence of U.S. occupancy status (if not US. citizens).
  • Give a written letter of concurrence from both parents (if the parents aren’t accompanying the minor on the trip) that states the child has authorization to.

Media Professionals and Religious Professionals

Still, a media professional, employed by a media company, or If you’re a religious professional you should be able to submit a personal statement and an official letter from your employer stating that you’re not traveling on company business, etc.

Former Visas

Also, you must give a duplicate of the most recently issued China visa, If you have been granted a China visa in the past. However, you must submit the original passport containing the former China visa, If the visa isn’t located in your current passport.

China Visa Validity

Applicants will be eligible for a ten-year visa given that the tourist has at least 12 months of remaining validity on their U.S. Passport. If you have less than 12 months you’ll be granted a six-month visa to China.

The visa fees for China

Visa type Visa fee
Single-entry ¥ 3900
Double-entry ¥ 5850
Half-year multiple entry ¥ 7800

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