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Obtaining US visa for Russians in 2021

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Due to the prohibition of Russian President Vladimir Putin for the “unfriendly country” to hire Russians, the US Embassy stops issuing all non-immigrant visas to Russian citizens, except diplomatic ones.  Nonimmigrant US visas include:

  • tourist visas;
  • student visas;
  • business visas;
  • exchange visas (type J).


Difficult relations between the countries at the political level led to the fact that citizens of both states faced difficulties when trying to obtain an entry permit


However, this does not mean that there is no way to draw up the document necessary for crossing the borders – you just need to understand the requirements in detail and understand the changed conditions for its issuance.


The US Embassy will only operate to provide emergency services to US citizens and to issue a limited number of immigrant visas.

Now the only legal way to get a visa in the United States is to apply for a visa in another country.


Who needs to apply for a US visa in 2021?


A permit to enter the United States is required for all citizens of the Russian Federation. This rule applies both to those who have previously visited American territory, and those who are sent at the invitation of the host.


Please note that the presence of direct relatives with US citizenship also does not exempt from the need to apply for obtain a US visa in 2021. Even children of all ages are required to obtain a border crossing permit from the moment of birth. Registration takes place according to the rules of its internal system.



How to obtain a US visa in another country?

Russians can apply for a US visa in any other country where there is a US embassy and can apply for non-residents. At the moment, the easiest way is to find the closest states to Russia.


Due to closed borders, the list of countries where you can get a visa is short: Kazakhstan and Georgia. The US embassies in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia are currently not issuing nonimmigrant visas due to restrictions of Covid-19.


Also, they work at the reception of non-residents of the US Embassy in Thailand and Indonesia.


It should be noted that if the applicant does not plan to stay in the country where he is applying until he is issued a visa, he will have to choose the country where he can enter with a Russian passport, that is, one of the CIS countries.


Only those Russian citizens who have a residence permit or other legal basis for crossing the border will be able to go to Europe for a visa. For instance; In Poland interviews are conducted, but the visa is not glued into the passport due to the current proclamation prohibiting entry from the EU to the United States.


The procedure for apply for a US visa in another country


Payment of the consular fee. The fee must be paid in the country in which the applicant is applying. At the same time, free days for registering for the submission of documents can be seen only after paying the consular fee.


Recording for an interview. The date of the interview will not be known until its appointment, but the consulate’s website can usually see the approximate waiting times.


On the official website of the US Department of State, you can find out about the nearest dates for the appointment for an interview. However, this information applies to citizens of the country where the embassy is located.


For non-residents, each embassy has a separate queue. Sometimes the waiting time can take several months. In the hot season, the term increases.


Documents required for the interview


  • visa application, confirmation of registration at the consulate, passport, photo;
  • a certificate from your current work or study; 
  • proof of your income (Bank Statements), 
  • an invitation or booking reservation;
  • other documents that can prove a connection with the home country: marriage certificate, ownership documents, etc.


How to extend your visa?

When obtaining a visa in another country, it is worth remembering that in the future, a visa can be extended only in the same country where it was received. Many US diplomatic missions in other countries have their own unique rules and procedures for applying for a US visa.


We advise you to review the conditions for applying for a US visa 2021 on the official website of the US Embassy in the country of application for a nonimmigrant visa. 

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