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Price for immigration to USA in 2021

American flag and visa

If a person travels alone, then the minimum amount required for the first time is $ 15,000. So much will be needed for a quiet stay for 3-4 months. During this time, you can “recover” from the move, get used to the environment, learn the language, and find a job.

If a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children) is traveling, the amount increases to $ 40,000. This amount includes renting a house, meals, buying a car, and visiting a doctor.

Residence permit cost

The number of vacant places for an interview is limited. The most frequent positive decisions of the consulate on the issuance of a visa are the cities of Tel Aviv and Warsaw. In these cities, it is possible to pass an interview in Russian.

You must fill out the DS-160 form. The document should be filled out as competently as possible. The data from the questionnaire go into the applicant’s file on migration registration. Then pay a consular fee – $ 160 and sign up for an interview.

You can go all the way from collecting documents to an interview on your own. For more confidence in the quality of the preparation of documents, it is better to use the services of a lawyer for migration cases.

Monthly expenses in the USA

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When you move, the question of waste arises. Before deciding to move, I want to know what approximately the amount per month will be spent on accommodation. So:

  • Most of the budget goes to rental housing. Prices vary from state to state. In California, a well-maintained studio apartment costs $ 1,800-2,500. Shared apartments are popular. Such an apartment costs about $ 600-700, including utility bills.
  • Purchase of food per person from the list of necessary products in the consumer basket of $ 400.
  • Medical insurance. For one person about $ 200. Regardless of appeals to a medical institution, you will still have to pay a fee.
  • If urban transport (3/4 of America) does not work well in the state chosen for the move, then there will be costs for personal transport. It is more profitable to buy a new car. On average, a car costs $ 350, excluding gasoline.
  • Mobile communications and Internet – $ 80-90.

For one person, about $ 4,000. By choosing a state on the outskirts of America, the amount will be significantly less. Before immigration, it is better to familiarize yourself with suitable cities for immigration.

How much does American citizenship cost?

You can become an American citizen by being born in America. Even if the parents are residents of another state. Otherwise, a Green Card is required. Children of immigrants automatically acquire US citizenship at birth.

In the case of marriage after 3 years, in other cases after 5 years, you can apply for US citizenship.

Obtaining citizenship includes tests and an oath ceremony. Before applying for a passport, you must fill out the N-400 form. Pass a test that tests knowledge of the history of the United States and its state structure. Another test of the state language proficiency: reading, writing, pronunciation, and perception of someone else’s speech.

After successfully passing the tests, the final part of the process begins – the oath of allegiance. This procedure takes place in the courtroom or at the migration service. The oath speaks of loyalty to the country and the observance of the law.

Document of USA

Arriving in a new country, it’s too early to relax. We’ll have to “run” through government agencies. How to start living in the USA, and what are the first steps you need to take upon arrival?

Where to start for newly arrived immigrants? It is necessary to calculate the budget, think over the housing options, and start looking for work. For the first time, rent a cheap hotel or apartment for rent.

You need to open a bank account. It is necessary for almost every major purchase: purchasing a car, car insurance, and medical insurance, and when renting a home. The most popular banks are:

  • Bank of Amerika;
  • CitiBank;
  • Chase;
  • Wells Fargo.

The bank will issue an account, which is divided into:

  • Savings – savings account;
  • Checking is a credit card.

Having a credit card in the US plays a big role. She launches a credit history by which solvency is assessed. A good credit rating affects your mortgage interest and approval.

  1. Rent permanent housing and conclude a lease agreement.
  2. Issue the first documents:
  • SSN – social security number, issued once and used in the future when processing documents;
  • Re-issue a local driver’s license, which is an ID – document with personal data.

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