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USA visa for Indians – Full guide

Visa of USA

Indian citizens need to apply for a visa to the United States. However, obtaining an American visa for Indians is very difficult: travelers are intimidated by long lines and a high refusal rate. If you follow all the rules and regulations, getting a visa to the United States becomes a logical and predictable process.

Prospects for life in America for Indians

The United States has a stable economy, high living standards, and a liberal attitude towards migrants. With the acquisition of American citizenship, you become a full-fledged person, regardless of your nationality and previous country of residence.

The states vary considerably in climatic conditions. Choose the state that is most suitable for your family, and the acclimatization process will go as seamlessly as possible.

After moving, it takes time to get used to the foundations of the American economy. The average US citizens mainly live on credit, since the economic situation in the country is quite stable, which cannot be said about the Indian economy. The banking system of India is often distrustful, and the interest on loans is very high, so it is a novelty for a foreigner to apply for housing loans and other benefits in the United States.

Medical care in the States is developed at a high level, therefore, its cost is higher than in India. Consultations in clinics cost about $ 200; if the town is small, it can be much cheaper.

The American approach to education is the opposite of studying in India. In the USA, an in-depth study of certain fields of activity, applied sciences are practiced. State educational institutions are free for the local population. If an American sends a child to a paid college or university, then education takes place mainly on credit.

The US authorities are doing everything possible for the welfare of their citizens and citizens of other states who have received a residence permit in the United States. American laws promote entrepreneurial activity, support exciting startups, and maximize people’s tolerance for all ethnic groups.

Of course, there is a big difference in the mentality of the West and the East. Americans are more reserved, calculating, but always ready to build friendly relations. US citizens are responsible and honest in doing business together.

Please note that the quality of services and a high standard of living require responsibility from the citizen, and along with the rights you get responsibilities. 

Living in the United States involves paying double taxation and health insurance. Therefore, weigh all the pros and cons of living in the States and decide if the country is right for you and your family.

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Popular professions in the USA for Indian citizens

The American government constantly regulates the unemployment rate, social assistance is provided to both citizens of the country and visitors who have received a residence permit. The state obliges entrepreneurs to pay workers decent wages and provide good working conditions. The Labor Department regularly monitors the fulfillment of these obligations and brings the employer to administrative responsibility if they are violated.

In the States, both ordinary working specialties that do not require higher education, and more complex ones, including IT, marketing, technical, and medical specialties, are in demand.

Salary in the USA

The United States provides jobs to a diverse range of populations, and some professions do not require special training, higher education, or special courses. This is usually the service industry. These professions include dishwasher, cleaner, janitor, loader. It is quite easy to get a job in the following position: waiter, call center operator, cashier. Americans are reluctant to take such work due to the low level of wages, so US employers are interested in hiring foreigners for whom such wages exceed wages in similar areas of activity in their native country.

An office worker and an insurance agent have an average salary. Then comes the teacher, driver, fitness instructor.

The most highly paid specialties are in medicine, IT, marketing. The salaries of such specialists are significantly higher than those of less qualified workers.

The average wage in the United States is about $ 23-24 per hour. The minimum legal wage is $ 7.5, and if you have high qualifications and education relevant to the position, your earnings start from $ 40-50 and above.

Migration policy in the United States towards Indian citizens

American society was originally a mixture of many ethnic groups, which explains the high tolerance of US citizens towards Hindus. Until the 19th century, the state authorities did not keep any records of immigrants. With the beginning of a change in political moods, the influx of new residents was limited from time to time.

In 1990, a new Immigration Law came into force, according to which those wishing to immigrate to the States were divided into several categories depending on the methods of moving to permanent residence:

  • Family immigration
  • Labor
  • Diversification Visa (Green Card)

Please, taking into account the annual changes in the economy and the political situation, quotas for each of the categories are regulated up or down.

The US government conducts a friendly policy towards immigrants and does not limit their rights and freedoms, but at the same time strictly monitors the reliability of the newcomers.

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