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Immigration to UK after Brexit

Flags of EU and UK.

As an introduction to Brexit as a whole, the European Union must be mentioned. European Union is a union of member countries that make the political and economic union among 28 countries. United Kingdom was part of this union and recently had voted in year 2016 elections of whether the United Kingdom should leave or stay in European Union. The major vote was for leaving the EU. In addition to complicated situation and many factors impacting Brexit, it has been pushed back many times and has yet to happen.

The most complicated process is non-binding political declaration of future relations of European Union and United Kingdom. This has brought out many issues regarding immigration, rights of citizens, traveling, importing and exporting of goods, etc. In next paragraphs there will be a description of impact on immigration to and from United Kingdom to other European Union member states.

Alleged changes in immigration to United Kingdom after Brexit

Brexit currently tries to make an immigration policy that will restrict the immigrants from not being classified as low-skilled or high-skilled. Low skilled workers in future could only get temporary visas and high-skilled workers will get a chance to apply to permanent residence permit and 5 year stay permits.

The difference in Brexit and European Union’s choice to let everyone in European Union work, live and study freely is more liberal than UK after Brexit targets. For some countries this policy that restricts workers from free immigration to UK will be a new opportunity to raise the foreign interest in immigrating and working in their country.

How Brexit will impact EU citizens residing in UK

As there have been many statements that declare alarming facts that there will only be five to six country immigrants that can stay in the United Kingdom after Brexit, people are worried for the state of their lives in United Kingdom. It is highly unlikely that United Kingdom leaders will allow the European Union expats leave in masse as it will impact the work, trade, cultural and other environments inside Europe.

The changes that can happen is that expats of EU will have to prove the right for permanent residence in the country. For expats living in United Kingdom for more than five years it will be an easier task to prove how eligible they are. The only immigrants that can be worried about staying in the country are the expats that had a hard time proving their rights to stay in the first place – unemployed, not-seeking and other cases of stories that by definition doesn’t prove eligibility to stay in any country.

Crowd protesting for Brexit.

How Brexit will impact 3rd country citizens in UK

For most of the third world country citizens traveling to United Kingdom and Europe overall requires some type of visa. The change of getting a permit of entrance in the country will remain similar to travelers and tourists, but when it comes to third world country citizens that already live and work in United Kingdom, the outcome of Brexit remains unknown.

The alleged claim is that the non-European immigration policy and laws won’t change and remain the same as the European Union laws. As the target of the politicians was to decrease the low-skilled, economically challenging people from many countries to enter the United Kingdom, the demand by itself won’t change the content of people wanting to immigrate to the country. Currently, as Brexit has yet to happen, the policies of immigration are not changing and in fact, is more likely to stay the same.

The conclusion of Brexit impact on immigration

In conclusion, Brexit has not released any official statements that radically change the policy of immigration to United Kingdom as a European Union citizen or third world country citizen. The policy is more likely to stay open as the tighter restrictions will drastically impact the climate and environment of work market, trade, companies and relations with United Kingdom.

Immigration levels have risen in year 2018 putting unnecessary pressure to service industry and overall asks for the reduction of immigrant flow. The main argument of controlling the immigration is classifying and taking action in assessment of workers arriving to United Kingdom. This also is applicable to the flow of students that desire to study and seek education in United Kingdom.

The overall environment will change due to these policies and their adjustments but the worker of United Kingdom, that seeks the life with will to work, live and study is not subject to cardinal changes as the impact will only let the weakest candidates have problems or issues. The people that take advantage of countries condition in financial and economic sense will surely have to prove the right and need of staying in United Kingdom.

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