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Turkmenistan: guide on golden years

Seniors - Turkmenistan

Combine all of this with the Silk Route, the Dunes, the Darvaza volcano, and the capital’s gleaming white marble structure, and you have the least well-known and traveled-to of all the Central Asian nations.

It keeps you on your toes with its surreal and perplexing nature. Every corner has an unexpected danger. Choose this country if you want to spend your most leisurely days surrounded by unassuming people and deserts.

Resident Permit in Turkmenistan

In the country, there are two categories of resident permits. The government issues temporary residence licenses, and there are rules governing them. A different one, though, may be given permanently. The application process for a residency permit can be started by people who have been residents for at least two years. You must be 18 years of age or older to be qualified to register for a residence permit. You allegedly receive a residence permit from the authorities.

You will require a passport, two passport-sized pictures, a national ID card, a copy of your visas, and documentation of your place of residence if you are applying for a resident permit. You may also need proof of retirement to obtain the permit on a retirement basis. At the embassy, you will receive a more detailed list of needed paperwork.

Life in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is a very desirable place to live in comparison to much of Central Asia. It is still getting used to being an independent nation because it only gained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. The country’s mineral resources could aid in its rapid rise to regional supremacy.

Safety and Security

Although there is occasional violent crime in the country, it typically entails the drug trade, and foreigners are not frequently involved. Accidents involving alcohol are frequent. Although Ashgabat, the country’s capital, is generally regarded as being relatively safe, extra caution should be exercised when venturing close to the Turkmen/Afghan border.

In Turkmenistan, foreign nationals must always carry identification because security checks are frequently conducted. There are a variety of regulations in the nation that residents should be aware of. For instance, photographing some structures is prohibited. Additionally, smoking is prohibited in all public places outside.


A large portion of the population travels by rail. The Turkmenistan road network has received significant investment in recent years, and the construction of new roads has significantly boosted the nation’s steadily expanding economy. Turkmenistan requires foreign residents to have a driver’s license.


The nation has modernized and advanced the field of public healthcare, transforming it into a flexible social safety system. For the protection of people’s health, extensive work is done. The national system of health protection, which has attained international standards, continues to advance.

The most overpriced city on earth for foreigners is Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenia. The current economic situation in Ashgabat is raising inflation and food costs. A gallon of milk costs $15 while a typical internet connection package in the city costs $186 per month.

Places to visit in Turkmenistan

Do not skip these environmental and historical highlights while living in Turkey during your prime years.


This gas hole, popularly known as the “Gate of Hell,” is among the strangest tourist attractions on the planet. Both tourists and residents are fascinated by the flames coming from the massive crater in the center of the desert.


The remains of old fortifications, medieval alleyways, and Sultan Sanjar’s Mausoleum can all be explored on foot. It is difficult to realize that this massive mud-brick ruin was once a significant Silk Road metropolis when you are walking through it.


The city also maintains a record of having the most fountain ponds in a public area and the biggest concentration of structures covered in white marble. When you first move to Ashgabat, you have a lot of things to do. You can go see a farm where the well-known Akhal Teke horses are raised. 

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