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Turkmenistan: getting an employment visa

Turkmenistan - work permit

You can only visit Turkmenistan and get a visa through a permitted trip agency or another guarantor. It’s one of the least visited countries in the world. The Turkmenistan visa policy is fairly strict. Everyone has to get a visa and an assignation letter before they travel, except certain holders of political or service passports. This process can take months, and travel bookings can frequently be costly.

Who can apply

Turkmenistan Work Visa is for foreign citizens who have been employed in a Turkmen company. The company acts as a guarantor. It is necessary for everyone to get a Turkmen Visa to visit Turkmenistan, except.

Holders of political or service passports issued by:

  • Armenia,
  • Azerbaijan,
  • Belarus,
  • Bulgaria,
  • China,
  • The Czech Republic,
  • Georgia,
  • Hungary,
  • Iran,
  • Japan.

Types of Work Visas

The government in Turkmenistan issues a variety of visas to foreign citizens who intend to visit. Conveyance visas are available to foreign citizens who need to pass through Turkmenistan on their way to another destination. Tourist visas are also available to those who plan to visit the country, although they’re needed to have a companion with them throughout their stay.

Foreign citizens who plan to stay in Turkmenistan for an extended period will need to get a visa that’s grouped by the length of their intended stay. Visas may be bought grounded on one’s intended length of stay

  1. Up to 10 days and nights.
  2. Up to 20 days and nights.
  3. Up to one month.

The number of months needed in supplements of one, until 12 months. These visas are available as single-entry and multiple-entry, with multiple-entry options at an advanced amount.

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Conditions to gain Work Visas

  • A properly completed visa operation form.
  • Evidence of identity, similar to a driver’s license.
  • A passport that’s valid for at least six months beyond the date on the aspirant’s letter of assignation.
  • A duplicate of the first sheet of the passport must be written by the aspirant.
  • A recent passport picture.
  • A letter of assignation from a business registered in Turkmenistan.
  • Evidence of payment of the visa enrollment amount.
  • One of the conditions is a letter of assignation from the aspirant’s employer in Turkmenistan. In order for this document to be legitimate, the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan must certify it. The letter will be valid for three months after the date of the document.
  • After carrying the verified letter and gathering any other necessary documents, the aspirant should visit their nearest delegation to submit them and pay the visa amount in person. Aspirants should remain in their country of residency while staying for visa verification.

Processing times may vary, so foreign workers should begin the visa operation process well in advance of their intended departure date. Workers shouldn’t travel to Turkmenistan without the applicable visa, as they risk being detained upon appearance.

How to apply

Foreign citizens who need to travel to Turkmenistan for work should begin the operation process by getting in touch with the delegacy, consulate, or political charge in their country of residency. The consular officers will be suitable to give a complete list of needed documents in support of the visa operation.

Other Important Considerations

Visa operation charges increase incrementally based on the length of the worker’s intended stay in Turkmenistan. Costs might also vary depending on the aspirant’s country of origin. Aspirants should reach out to the political officers at the delegacy in their country of hearthstone for a current list of visa charges.

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